Have a Knockout Halloween With This GLOW Group Halloween Costume
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Have a Knockout Halloween With This GLOW Group Halloween Costume

If you haven’t seen the Netflix show, GLOW, I suggest adding it to your queue. It’s full of wry humor, great acting, and fabulous, fabulous ’80s fashion. (Not to mention, Alison Brie’s muscles are major goals.) The hair and costumes in the show are seriously unreal, so after watching a few episodes, I knew I had to do a GLOW group Halloween costume.

These costumes look fierce and all of them were really easy to put together. Let’s do this thing!

Zoya The Destroya (AKA Ruth)

When it came to choosing one of Zoya’s costume, I had to go with the blue leotard she wears in the pilot episode.

I bought a blue E.JAN1ST Bodysuit ($14), a pair of red Ellie Go-Go-Boots ($30), and red Kangaroo’s Elbow Gloves ($8) from Amazon. If you don’t want to invest in red knee-high boots (I understand), spray paint knee-high thrift store boots red.

I cut the fingers off of the red gloves and made Zoya’s belt out of felt. I made a template for the fire-y part in Illustrator (which you can download here) and traced it on yellow felt and cut out. I glued it on a wide strip of red felt and then sewed velcro strips on the red felt’s edges for it to fasten on the waist.

Our hair and makeup artist for the shoot, Deb Czerwinski, totally killed it! If you’re in the SF area, I recommend checking out her salon, Saviours Salon. For Zoya’s huge hair, Deb curled and majorly teased Brand Partnership Planner Paige’s hair and went dramatic on the eyeshadow and lipstick. She also drew black stars on the side of Paige’s face to seal the deal.

Zoya the DESTROYA!

Liberty Belle (AKA DEb)

If I was doing Zoya’s blue outfit, I obviously had to do Liberty Belle’s gold one! I bought a gold Topwigy One-Piece Bathing Suit ($16) from Amazon and found a pair of gold spray-painted thrift-store boots around the B+C supply room. Of course, most people don’t have gold boots lying around, but you can easily pick up a pair of knee-high boots from a thrift store to spray paint yourself. I made sequin “sleeves” from glueing pieces of sequin fabric into tubes. To finish it off, I sewed strips of gold sequin fabric down the middle of the swimsuit.

Deb curled and teased Creative Content Producer Maddie’s hair and applied heavy purple eyeshadow and lipstick. She also contoured Maddie’s cheekbones.

“I’m a two-time Olympic medalist and I love America. I’m Liberty Belle.”

Sheila The She Wolf

This costume was so much fun to put together! It’s also really simple, even though it looks complicated. I glued a couple of different types of gray faux fur all over a corset, then added thin strips of fur as well as fringed pieces of gray felt on the inside of the corset so that the pieces hung down on the sides. I glued fur strips on either side of the corset top to create off-the-shoulder sleeves.

For under the corset, I dressed Visual Designer Torii up in a Mesh Sleeve Leotard ($28), a pair of Leg Avenue Black Net Pantyhose ($6), black fingerless gloves, and black heeled army boots. Then, I tied a strip of gray fabric and strips of black rope around her waist.

Deb applied black eye makeup all around Torii’s eyes to capture Sheila’s raccoon-like face. She tied Torii’s actual hair in two side buns and covered her head with a WIWIGS Long Curly Black Wig ($15).

I’m Sheila. The She Wolf.

Junkchain (AKA Cherry Bang)

Junkchain might be my favorite character in the show. I love how no-nonsense she is and how sweet she and her hubby are. For Junkchain’s costume, I bought a white BEKDO Long Sleeve Bodysuit ($13) and a pair of silver Ellie Go-Go Boots ($30) from Amazon. I then glued silver sequin ribbon in a swirly pattern all over the bodysuit. 

Our hair and makeup artist braided gold sequin ribbon in Community Manager Natasha’s hair and tied some sequin ribbon around her forehead. She kept Natasha’s makeup gold and glow-y.

They call me Junkchain.

Melrose (aka Melanie Rosen)

Okay, I just said Junkchain is my favorite, but Melrose has to be my second favorite because she’s so funny! She is shameless and loves to objectify herself (in a funny way) — what’s not to like?

For Melrose’s costume, I bought a teal Fixmatti Bodysuit ($16), a pair of Leg Avenue Black Net Pantyhose ($6), and some white No Nonsense Tube Socks ($6, pack of three) from Amazon. Then I tied a thick piece of gold sequined elastic around the waist. Visual Designer Rebecca brought her own white sneakers and her modeling A-game.

Deb teased Rebecca’s hair and applied gold eyeliner and red lipstick to finish the look.

“I’m a bad bad girl and I’m ready to party party party!”

Who will win: Zoya or Liberty Belle?

Looks like Liberty’s winning!

We’re GLOW! That’s our name! Women’s wrestling is our game!


Knock ‘em down!

Which GLOW member will you dress up as? Share your photos on Instagram using #britstagram, and check out our Pinterest for more DIY costume inspo.

DIY Production and Styling: Lexy Kelley, Alonna Morrison and Irene Lee

Hair + Makeup:  Deb Czerwinski

Model: Paige Weber, Maddie Bachelder, Torii Burnett, Natasha Thomas, Rebecca Fong

Photography: Kurt Andre

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