New Year’s Eve came and went and we all welcomed 2015 with our arms wide and our resolutions aggressive . “I’m totally going to cut out gluten,” you told all your friends. It was a great resolution to make — except now you can’t eat croissants, bagels or cupcakes. Fear not. There are still plenty of delicious sweets and snacks you can eat and stick to your resolution . Sure, eating candy probably wasn’t the goal of your resolution . But it’s nice to know you can, right?


1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups : No diet that includes Reese’s can be that hard. This is basically the gluten-free lifestyle’s way of reminding you that there’s still something to live for.


2. Sriracha Kettle Chips : They’re the best flavor of these delish potato chips. Salt ‘n Vinegar is still fair game too. Just be sure to watch out for BBQ.


3. Snickers : Hungry and desperately looking for a quick chocolate fix? Snickers will satisfy that craving, no gluten consumption required.

Pirates booty

4. Pirate’s Booty : What’s a reality TV marathon without some popcorn? Movie night is still rad, thanks to this healthy popcorn.


5. Cherry Pie Larabars : It tastes like cherry pie (for reals) and is made with cherries, dates and no gluten whatsoever.

capellos cookie dough

6. Capello’s Cookie Dough : No need to give up warm cookies and milk. Capellos has got you covered. Bonus: This isn’t just gluten free — it’s grain free AND dairy free too.

7. Almond Joy : This and Mounds Bars are totally still fair game. Because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t. Either way, you never have to feel that gluten-y bloat.

sour patch kids

8. Sour Patch Kids : Step one: Go to the movies. Step two: Buy your customary box of Sour Patch Kids. Step three: Celebrate that you can still have the best movie theater candy.


9. Toblerone : Want to look classy while still eating candy you can find at Walgreens? You can keep it gluten free, thanks to Toblerone.

10. Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels : Crunchy, sweet and salty: This is one of the best ways to remind yourself that going gluten free doesn’t mean giving up on comfort food.

11. Ben & Jerry’s Hazed and Confused Ice Cream : Of course, Ben & Jerry’s has our gluten-free backs. Basically all their ice creams that don’t have dough in them are still good to go.

12. Cheetos : Yes, it’s true. We were excited too. Cheetos aren’t processed in places where other gluten products are made, so they’re safe even for celiac consumption.


13. Tostitos Scoops : All you need is some guacamole, cheese, beans, sour cream and salsa, and you’re ready for Superbowl Sunday .

What gluten-free snack will you indulge in first? Tell us in the comments below!