New Year’s Eve came and went and we all welcomed 2015 with our arms wide and our resolutions aggressive. “I’m totally going to cut out gluten,” you told all your friends. It was a great resolution to make — except now you can’t eat croissants, bagels or cupcakes. Fear not. There are still plenty of delicious sweets and snacks you can eat and stick to your resolution. Sure, eating candy probably wasn’t the goal of your resolution. But it’s nice to know you can, right?


1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: No diet that includes Reese’s can be that hard. This is basically the gluten-free lifestyle’s way of reminding you that there’s still something to live for.


2. Sriracha Kettle Chips: They’re the best flavor of these delish potato chips. Salt ‘n Vinegar is still fair game too. Just be sure to watch out for BBQ.


3. Snickers: Hungry and desperately looking for a quick chocolate fix? Snickers will satisfy that craving, no gluten consumption required.

Pirates booty

4. Pirate’s Booty: What’s a reality TV marathon without some popcorn? Movie night is still rad, thanks to this healthy popcorn.


5. Cherry Pie Larabars: It tastes like cherry pie (for reals) and is made with cherries, dates and no gluten whatsoever.

capellos cookie dough

6. Capello’s Cookie Dough: No need to give up warm cookies and milk. Capellos has got you covered. Bonus: This isn’t just gluten free — it’s grain free AND dairy free too.

7. Almond Joy: This and Mounds Bars are totally still fair game. Because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t. Either way, you never have to feel that gluten-y bloat.

sour patch kids

8. Sour Patch Kids: Step one: Go to the movies. Step two: Buy your customary box of Sour Patch Kids. Step three: Celebrate that you can still have the best movie theater candy.


9. Toblerone: Want to look classy while still eating candy you can find at Walgreens? You can keep it gluten free, thanks to Toblerone.

10. Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Crunchy, sweet and salty: This is one of the best ways to remind yourself that going gluten free doesn’t mean giving up on comfort food.

11. Ben & Jerry’s Hazed and Confused Ice Cream: Of course, Ben & Jerry’s has our gluten-free backs. Basically all their ice creams that don’t have dough in them are still good to go.

12. Cheetos: Yes, it’s true. We were excited too. Cheetos aren’t processed in places where other gluten products are made, so they’re safe even for celiac consumption.


13. Tostitos Scoops: All you need is some guacamole, cheese, beans, sour cream and salsa, and you’re ready for Superbowl Sunday.

What gluten-free snack will you indulge in first? Tell us in the comments below!