Spring is in the air and everything around us is budding! That makes it the perfect time to show off those beautiful blooms in a creative way. So we’re taking one of our all-time favorite DIY basicsthe gold-dipped vase — to the next level by using the same, simple technique to make a modern cluster of gold-dipped bud vases. See, good things do come in small packages, especially when they’re tied together to make one big, eye-catching centerpiece :)


– 7 glass bud vases

– string or yarn

– gold spray paint


– painter’s tape

– E6000 glue (optional)


1. Tape off all seven vases with painter’s tape at the same height.

2. Spray paint each vase and let it completely dry.

3. Peel off painter’s tape to reveal the “dipped” effect. Ohh and ahh as necessary.

4. Tie the vases together with your yarn or string so that they form a large circle. You can use E6000 glue to reinforce the structure if you’d like.

5. Fill vases with water and beautiful blooms!

This process really is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Start by taping off the top of each vase at the same height. Large painter’s tape works great to cover a bigger surface area. Then, carefully spray an even layer of metallic paint on the exposed area of each vase. Once it’s completely dry, peel off the tape to reveal the “dipped” effect. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Once all the vases are de-taped, place them together in a circular pattern and secure them together with twine or yarn wrapped a few times around the entire bunch. You could always add a dab of E6000 glue to the base of each vase for extra hold, or if you just want to keep the look super streamlined and forgo embellishments entirely. If you do go that route, let the glue dry overnight before you rustle this gilded bunch. Or keep it simple and tie off the yarn around the loose vases and you’re done — just fill ‘er up!

There’s power in numbers with this DIY. Multiple bud vases effortlessly join forces to accommodate even large floral bouquets. That makes it a great centerpiece for springtime entertaining!

Trust us: There’s more than one way to put a spin on this DIY basic. If your pad’s already dotted with gilded decor, then try one of these 10 other clever ways to trick out the bottom of your bud vase cluster. Chalkboard paint? Lace? Sequins? They all sound just peachy to us :)

What ways have you taken your DIY basics to the next level? Tell us in the comments below.