Of all the things we love about this season, spring cleaning our jewelry drawer is definitely not one of them. Sure, we’re devotees of the KonMari method, and we’ve scrolled through Jeffrey Phillip’s closet spring cleaning tips, but our motivation for decluttering is still minuscule at best. Luckily, there’s one perk of spring cleaning that always gets our energy levels up: Purging our jewelry drawer means we can totally justify a few new statement pieces that will definitely up our style game. For anyone lacking motivation, scroll through these nine gold stunners for all the incentive you need to finally chuck your pre-teen mood rings.

Foxy Originals Victoria Earring Jackets

1. Foxy Originals Victoria Earring Jackets ($24): JLo, Rhi-Rhi, Gaga — all of our fave celebrities are opting for earring jackets on the red carpet as of late. Try your hand at the latest style craze with these Victoria earring jackets that are effortlessly vintage and work great with minimalist attire.

Batsu Maru Lightning Ring

2. Batsu Maru Lightning Ring ($25): Abstract is the new black. This wonderfully diverse ring is made of 14K gold-filled wire and features an open back for easy adjustments, making it easy to wear on multiple fingers.

Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet with Flower Design

3. Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet With Flower Design ($45+): Looking for a way to keep your hair ties hidden without stashing them in the bottom of your purse? This forward-thinking bracelet comes with a handy indent to stash your hair bands, making it the coolest double-duty bangle we’ve ever seen.

Brit + Co Metal Cuff Bracelets Kit

4. Brit + Co Metal Cuff Bracelets Kit ($19): Learn the basics of metalworking with this crafty DIY cuff kit. Each kit comes with four bracelets and bending tools to create glimmering gold cuffs. Combine it with our Metal Stamping Kit ($49) to add quirky, one-of-a-kind sayings to your wrist.

Gazel Corazon Heart Beat Necklace

5. Gazel Corazon Heart Beat Necklace ($60): Skip the cheesy, heart-shaped jewelry of Valentine’s Day past for this awesome heartbeat necklace from Gazel, handmade in Istanbul and Turkey.

Brit + Co Geometric Jewelry Kit

6. Brit + Co Geometric Jewelry Kit ($35): Get geo with it! This DIY contemporary jewelry kit has all the necessary materials to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that will have you itching to tell your friends (and frenemies) that you made them yourself. Each kit makes two necklaces, one bracelet and one pair of earrings.

Gazel Cora Stone Ring

7. Gazel Cora Stone Ring ($24): Gold and gray work effortlessly together in this adjustable and stackable moonstone ring from Gazel.

Gazel Maya Tassel Grey Necklace

8. Gazel Maya Tassel Grey Necklace ($70): Tassels aren’t just for hipsters and festival-goers anymore — Gazel’s elegant gold chain pairs naturally with an agate stone and suede tassels in this awesome statement piece.

Padgett Hoke Antler Earrings

9. Padgett Hoke Antler Earrings ($40): Every modern #girlboss could use a little country in their work attire. Add a little rustic vibe to your everyday look with these subtle gold antler earrings.

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