Using Google Maps while driving is a necessary evil in this day and age. While we recommend doing it hands free at all times, it can be tough to not get distracted when you are constantly squinting at the screen to see your next move. Luckily, Google just released an update for the iPhone that makes driving at night much, much easier. “Night Mode” will help you navigate safely and accurately with its improved screen lighting.

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According to TechCrunch, Night Mode is something that’s already working on the Android version, and it promises to make looking at your phone easier while driving at night. Currently, when you switch your eyes between the road and your phone, you’re having to constantly adjust between a bright screen and a dark road, which can be very dangerous. That’s why Google Maps is here to cut down on this blinding transition by giving you a darker screen for nighttime driving.

The coolest part about the new feature is that it automatically switches modes when it’s nighttime. It’s also only available when giving you directions, as opposed to when you’re just referencing Google Maps, making the experience entirely seamless (as Google is wont to do!).

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This minor update could have major implications for nighttime driving, and we love that Google’s taking steps to make us even safer. There are a few more upgrades with this update that will help you personalize your driving (or walking) experience, including being able to label places on your maps and more refined search suggestions. Cheers to one more way Google is making our lives easier!

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