Remember the last time you rushed out the door to grab some wine for your movie night and didn’t make it to the store in time? Talk about a huge buzzkill. What’s even worse is having to drive around town trying to find a place that’s still open. Luckily, this common annoyance will soon disappear thanks to a new feature for Google Maps.

google maps

According to a report by Android Central, Google Maps will now tell Android users if their destination will be closed upon arrival. The next time you use Google Maps, you’ll receive a warning that tells you whether you’ll arrive to your destination while it’s still open. The warning appears in the middle of your screen and also provides hours of operation for the destination.


Even if you don’t normally use Google Maps to navigate your city, it can still be helpful to figure out if a trip is worth the time. Especially if you’re someone who’s chronically running behind (#guilty), checking Google Maps can save you a trip to a darkened grocery store or a restaurant that has stopped taking orders. This update is totally going to save us from sending a million apology texts!

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