Photographer Gray Malin is no stranger to color — his super Instagram-worthy photography boasts sunny seaside escapes, ultra saturated beach umbrellas, playful shots of pools, and more cheery, wanderlust-inspiring scenes. So it makes sense that Malin’s West Hollywood studio, which is now home to a growing team of employees, should be colorful too. Luckily, when Malin teamed up with Laurel & Wolf to give the space a refresh, designer Gwendolyn Gibbish was ready to take the call. Gibbish’s vision made the workspace feel fun and welcoming, just like the original photography on its walls.

The mid-century mod seating areas strike just the right vibe for informal team meetings, while more structured spaces make it easy to be productive. “It’s important to me that our studio has a welcoming atmosphere where one can work within a comfortable setting, yet escape to a cozy couch when it’s time for a break,” Malin told Laurel & Wolf. “But I needed an expert’s eye to figure out the best way to create a smart flow of furniture without sacrificing the team’s functionality.” Gibbish seems to have achieved that balance perfectly here, because the office area is as colorful and character-filled as any other space, thanks to bright cane chairs and coordinating window treatments.

Naturally, Malin’s art serves as the focal point for each room. And the pops of red in these photographs interplay perfectly with the chairs and window accents.

Tropical-inspired touches, like a jute rug on the stairs and nautical blue accents, are another skillful callback to Malin’s subject matter.

The mix of textures throughout the space is nothing short of stunning. On-trend rug layering in the form of sheepskin-on-jute feels fresh and unexpected, while high-shine lacquer pieces and lucite accents are juxtaposed with more natural materials to achieve a one-of-a-kind mix.

Malin’s motto, to “make every day a getaway,” rings true throughout the space, especially where those sunset pinks appear.

Even the doors are finished in a chic coral hue — a perfect way to end a tour of the bright and beautiful space.

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(Photos via Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf)