Oh, why are we just finding this out now… just as grilling season is ending? DRATS. Normally when it’s barbecue time, someone is stuck next to the dang thing all day and doesn’t get to enjoy the company of anything other than a stack of meat. But with the Grazing Grill, the grillmaster can sit with everybody else, cooking and dining in one spot. In fact, everybody can have a hand in the grilling process, too — like Benihana in your backyard.

The grill (with hidden propane cabinet) runs along the middle of what otherwise looks like a nice picnic table that includes benches for seating. Once you’re done cooking, you can actually cover the burners safely and set prepared food on them. On the end of the table, you’ll find two beverage bins to keep your drinks cold.

The Grazing Grill comes in Midnight Walnut or Beachcomber Maple finishes with either satin or hand-brushed metal accents. No word yet on the retail price, but the product is anticipated to launch in March of 2015 (just in time for BBQ season!).

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(h/t Design Milk)