Today, we’ve got a little something in a box that’s way better than anything JT and The Lonely Island could ever offer. It’s meat in a box. And it’s all responsibly raised and coming straight to your door.

Before we get this protein party started, here’s a stat that might gross you out: 95% of our food comes from factory farms that are not only environmentally not-so-nice, but don’t always look out for the best interest of the animal. AgLocal is here to save you from eating that stuff. It’s a meat delivery system that connects responsible family farmers to carnivores… hey, maybe that’s you!

It’s sort of like going to the farmers’ market without having to gather up your totes, slip on your flats, go to the ATM… oh, or even leave your house or apartment building. The service helps you do what you always mean to do: Learn where your food comes from, so you can ensure you’re putting good stuff in your bod and supporting sustainable and healthy farming practices.

No matter if your meat is coming from the plains of South Dakota or the golden rolling hills of California, if you’re using AgLocal, you can rest assured that the practices are up to snuff. Their team visits each and every one of their farms on the regular and builds deep relationships with the farmers and then passes those relationships onto you via detailed profiles on their website.

If you’ve watched Food, Inc., you know that sticking to your convictions as a farmer is not easy, and that’s another reason AgLocal is doing what it’s doing: To support the people fighting the good fight.

Founder and CEO Naithan Jones might have a background in enterprise technology, but the dude is strongly tied to the cause. His wife comes from a family of ranchers and his brother is a professional chef, so it really is a farm-to-table family affair.

On their website, you can see pictures from the farm facilities, learn about their practices and see how the animals spend their days. If this is all starting to sound a little Portlandia to you… well, good. Your body is your temple. This stuff is more important than you might like to admit to yourself. But the big bonus here is that, unlike on Portlandia, you’re not going to have to leave wherever you are to go meet the cousin of the pig you’re about to eat to make sure the animal is getting a good diet, medical treatment and general humane living conditions. You can look at all that stuff on your laptop. So take that, Portland.

Their blog is worth taking a peek at too. It takes you on farm tours, poses questions, like, “Why is grocery store meat so cheap?” and shares infographics on climate change and the future of farming.

Okay, by now you’re raring for a big juicy steak. Click over to their website and choose one of the four meat-filled boxes: Family Style includes popular cuts with mad flavor, Grill Master is pretty self explanatory (beer not included), Fit + Lean is for all the paleos out there and sports lean cuts, like grass-fed bison, and, if you go with Farmer’s Pick, forget filet mignons. This one’s for the adventurous eaters. We’re thinking lots of delicious offal for your culinary adventures.

Every box is available in two sizes, four to five pounds ($85) or eight to ten pounds ($150). Inside the box, you’ll find facts about the family farm and suggested recipes on the best way to enjoy your fresh chops. Seeing as Father’s Day is a little over a month away, you’re probably going to want to just go ahead and take care of that present now and avoid the last minute panic.

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