Back in the day, we were warned about not jumping in the pool within a few days of getting a new dye job to avoid turning into Frankenstein. We’ve tried pastelpink and purple, so green tresses were bound to grow on us, natch. If you’re a daring Green Goddess, we’ve got 20 ‘dos that are to dye (or DIY) for. And we pinkie promise you won’t end up looking like the Hulk; you’ll just make everyone else turn green with envy.

Celebrities Who <3 Chartreuse

1. Lady Gaga: Leave it to Mother Monster to completely commit from head to toe. Her emerald trench channels Carmen Sandiego, and she completely rocks it, all of it. (via Posh 24)

2. Lena Dunham: She debuted her “newly minted” locks on Insta just in time for Halloween and right before she headed across the pond for her Not That Kind of Girl book tour. (via Heat World)

3. Azealia Banks: We’re enchanted by this raptress’ mermaid tresses. If you’ve got dark, flowing locks, get the look by adding in a few sea-foam highlights and use that curling wand like a triton. (via Daily Mail)

4. Katy Perry: Katy has colored her crown in too many shades to count — pink, blue, purple, gray, various hues of blonde and brunette. When it comes to rocking out-there hair color, she’s the queen. Her lob took a dip in a pool of jade at Coachella 2014. (via Dirty Looks)

5. Kylie Jenner: She isn’t just the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, she’s the most daring when it comes to trendsetting. Kylie takes a monochromatic approach by rocking a goth lip to match those turquatic tresses. (via @kyliejenner)

6. Avril Lavigne: Granted, this one’s a throwback from her Sk8er Boi days, but Avril might as well be a trendsetter for sporting a sombre version of this trend. (via Perez Hilton)

7. Mae Whitman: If you want to test out it out before fully committing, try a few subtle highlights in your choice of emerald to amp up side-swept bangs or face-framing layers. (via Style Bistro)

8. Nicki Minaj: Or you could dabble in some temporary spray color while still letting your natural base color shine through. Nicki saturates her roots in green and takes it a step further by donning matching eyeshadow and a complementary bubble gum pink lip. (via Barron London Salon)

9. Lourdes Leon: Madonna’s mini-me takes a grassroots approach to going green. (via Lula)

10. Ke$ha: We’re obsessed with the chartreuse curls blended with Ke$ha’s sherbert strands. (via @iiswhoiis)

11. Lil’ Mama: Lil’ Mama takes a tip from her red carpet attire and lets her dark roots peek through her mean green bob. (via Perez Hilton)

12. Lady Gaga (Take Two): Gaga loves green so much she decided to tint her locks a second time. A reverse green to yellow ombre? Nothing more we can say than this look is downright fierce. (via Entertainment Wise)

BONUS: Brit: Not quite ready to take the plunge just yet? Follow our very own Brit’s style and amp up a few strands with hair chalk. (via Brit + Co)

Bride-Approved Ways to Go Green

13. Tousled Twist: A flower crown naturally pops against an unconventionally hued background. This bride’s naturally dark brown roots adds dimension to sea-foam green highlights. (via Youne)

14. Swiss Maid: Plaits strewn with bits of jewel-toned dye are picture perfect. (via Lucky)

15. Pastel Plait: Why not combine braids, flower accents and shades of green, blue and periwinkle on your special day? The blended fishtail on this matrimonial mermaid has us mesmerized. (via Callina Marie)

Gorgeous Green Ombre

16. Hidden Rainbow: Nothing to be ambivalent about when you’re rocking the latter half of Roy G Biv. We loved this blogger’s neon hue and were pleasantly surprised when she revealed a waterfall of tousled layers by flipping over. (via The Dainty Squid)

17. Mane Mermaid: Here’s another Ariel enviable look, this time done with a little gradation action. (via Glam Radar)

18. Emerald Splendor: Blondes aren’t the only ones who have all the fun when it comes to green hair. Brunettes can rock it, too. (via The River Wolf)

Neon Green ‘Dos

19. Neon, Neon: Dyeing your hair a non-traditional color is sure to make you a standout in the crowd. Instead of stopping traffic, your mane may make people walk your way. (via Who What Wear)

20. Secret’s (Spr)out: Sporting a green ‘do is bold. That’s no secret. We triple-dog-dare you to try it. (via Free Top One)

Are you pining to give your tresses the green treatment? Let us know in the comments!