Over the past month we have been seeing shades of pink popping up all over the place in honor of breast cancer awareness. The latest place we’ve seen the hue? Why, on Kate Hudson’s head. The actress (and now athletic gear entrepreneur) and her mom Goldie Hawn paid a visit to the salon this past weekend to dye their locks pink as tribute to all their loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer. It’s no secret we already had a serious obsession with pastel tresses, and now Andie Anderson’s new look has sent us into a flurry of rainbow colored hair daydreams. Whether you’re thinking about turning your hair into cotton candy or are just in need of some saturated inspiration, here are 20 pink hairstyles we’re drooling over.

1. Platinum Princess: Platinum blonde takes a turn for the colorful with this shade that has a bit of pink but isn’t too over the top. (via The Glitter Guide)

2. Queen of Pastel: Alyssa Garrison is by no means a stranger to a pastel palette, and her hair is no exception. Her blog Random Acts of Pastel and swoon-worthy Instagram feed are the stuff of candy-coated dreams. (via Instagram)

3. Kickin’ it With Kate: Just in case you didn’t believe us, here’s some photographic evidence. We’re waiting on pins and needles to see how stunning Kate’s hair will look styled on the red carpet. (via Instagram)

4. Multicolored Magic: Why pick just one shade when you can have two? Go from pink to purple with a vibrant ombre look. (via Brit + Co)

5. Candy-Colored Chic: Woah. Whoever thinks colored hair looks tacky has obviously not seen this beauty blogger’s take on the trend. Consider our jaws officially dropped. (In the Frow)

6. English Elegance: Pop princess Ellie Goulding’s dusty rose-colored hair, pink glossy lips and petal-perfect blush are working together in all the right ways. (via Ton Petit Look)

7. Feeling Fruity: Want something a little warmer (and bolder)? Try this strawberry shade that almost looks good enough to eat. (via Brit + Co)

8. Carnival Colored: This cotton candy shade is light but packs a big punch. Pair it with some super sparkly shadow like this Wildfox model for a fun, girly look. (via I Love Wildfox)

9. Goldilocks: Not too bright, too light or too dark, this mauve color is a perfect in-between for those who want something bolder than a pastel shade but more subtle than a head covered in magenta. (via Buzznet)

10. Vintage Vixen: This shot of a young Drew Barrymore is embellished with pink, and how amazing does it look? It’s never too late, Drew. It’s never too late. (via Color Me Nana)

11. Red Carpet Locks: Leave it to Ms. Rachel McAdams to take on the colored hair trend and make it look so easy to pull of. If you want to try the look but feel a bit hesitant, something like this is a great starting point — try it risk-free with hair chalk. (via Brit + Co)

12. Curled and Colored: Ombre never looked so good. Make the trend a little more colorful by keeping the roots natural and adding in more and more color as you approach your tips. (via Brit + Co)

13. Braided Beauty: If you’re thinking about going for something like Rachel McAdam’s sectionally colored dye job, here’s a styled ‘do sure to send you straight to the salon. When down, this gal’s hair looks a lot like the Hollywood star’s, but braid it and the pink twists and turns with the blonde in a magical way. (The Glitter Guide)

14. Blonde Bombshell: Why have pink totally take over when it works so well as an embellishment? Incorporating pink with an already beautiful shade of blonde is a great middle ground. (via The Girls With Glasses)

15. Stone Cold Classy: Alright, so this pic might be Photoshopped (it’s definitely Photoshopped), but we’re just going to pretend it’s real. This pale shade mixed with Emma Stone’s bright lipstick is making us fall in love with the quirky starlet even more. (via Brown Sugar)

16. Pink Paradise: Holy mother of pink! Blogger The Dainty Squid is known for her crazy-colored locks, and her latest do does not disappoint us color lovers. (via The Dainty Squid)

17. Gradient Goddess: Keep your roots natural, gradually incorporate some orange and crank up the intensity toward the tips with pink. Perfection. (via Daryna Barykina)

18. Rockabilly Rockstar: Queen of color Katy Perry has been known to rock a colored shade or two (or three). Update an old school hairdo like that when your mane’s a wild shade of pink. (via Glam Bistro)

19. Sweet Ombre: Teetering somewhere in between pink and purple, this pretty lady is totally rocking the look. Her dark roots add some drama while her almost-blonde tips add an element of softness. (via Pop Sugar)

20. Sensory Overload: Spare no subtly here. Forget about the gentle pastel shades and get heads turning with a hot pink head! Side note: let’s all take a moment to seriously appreciate her amazing Ryan Gosling earrings. Mkay? (via Brown Sugar)

Where do you stand on colored hair? If you have some amazingly saturated locks, share a pic with us!