Grilled salad. If you’re picturing a sad, wilted, unappetizing mess, you’re not alone. We’ve been there, but see here, dear reader. It sure sounds like a terrible mistake on paper, but in practice… wowza. From nutty toasted greens to flash-caramelized stone fruit, grill marks seriously amp up the world of salad in the best way, so we’ve curated a summertime salad collection that’s fit to fire up on your beloved char-monster. Let’s dig in.

1. Grilled Cabbage Wedge Salad With Spicy Lime Dressing: Those grill marks just speak to you, don’t they? (via Breanna’s Recipe Box)

2. Vietnamese-Inspired Grilled Eggplant and Leek Salad: Inventive and full of fusion flavor, all this veggie salad needs is a fork and to be in front of our faces. (via The Kitchy Kitchen)

3. Grilled Sweet Potato Salad: Pickled onions and a hard cider pairing? We couldn’t ask for more out of this sweet recipe from a sweet blog. (via Cooking and Beer)

4. Grilled Haloumi and Eggplant Salad With Mint Dressing: Holy crap, grilled cheese in a salad?!?! Let’s do it. (via Feasting at Home)

5. Grilled Potato Salad With Cucumber and Fresh Herbs: A charred spin on a classic BBQ side dish, this potato salad is a fresh alternative. (via Saving Room For Dessert)

6. Grilled Prosciutto Peach Salad: Cured meat cures all. (via Against All Grain)

7. Grilled Carrot Salad With Brown Butter Vinaigrette: THIS IS WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, PEOPLE. (via Food + Wine)

8. Charred Baby Octopus Salad: Bright blistered chili peppers, caramelized lemons and tomatoes are the perfect accompaniment to this fresh seafood salad with baby Ursula tentacles. (via Taste With The Eyes)

9. Grilled Broccoli Salad: Have you ever tried grilling broccoli? It’s an unexpected choice, but phenomenal with grill marks. (via Culinary Colleen)

10. Grilled Plum Salad With Purple Basil, Blue Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette: This salad is inspired by only the coolest ingredients — as in, purples, blues and royally awesome flavors. (via La Domestique)

11. Grilled Romaine With Toasted Almonds and Caesar Dressing: Feast your eyes on a paleo and dairy-free dive into the classic grilled Caesar salad from a super talented teenage blogger. (via The Slim Palate)

12. Grilled Cauliflower Salad: White it may be, but this nutrient-packed recipe is dotted with the tasty likes of pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, capers and basil for a flavor combo that’s anything but plain. (via The Bored Vegetarian)

13. Grilled Nopalitos and Red Bell Pepper Salad: Never thought we’d have cactus cravings, but it’s happening, and now. (via Yes, More Please!)

14. Grilled Zucchini Ribbon Salad: Break out the mandolin slicer, because this recipe’s a keeper for later this summer when you have garden-fresh zucchini coming out of your ears. (via Not Without Salt)

15. Grilled Watermelon Salad With Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes: Ooh, the sweetness and the tartness all in a beautiful bright red package. (via Latino Foodie)

16. Grilled Romaine Salad With Bacon and Blue Cheese: We vote for bacon and blue cheese on everything. (via Saveur)

17. Grilled Peach Panzanella: In short, this is a grilled bread, grilled peaches, grilled Italian-ish masterpiece. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

18. Grilled Summer Salad: Red cabbage and sweet corn are the star ingredients in this simple and colorful summer salad. (via Tasty Plan)

19. Grilled Fennel Salad: Sharp umami from the Parmesan cheese is key to this fun fennel dish. (via Proud Italian Cook)

20. Grilled Kale Salad With Ricotta and Plums: The kale craze continues for a reason. This type of reason. (via Bon Appetit)

21. Grilled Potato Salad With Ramps and Maple Vinaigrette: If you can’t get your paws on those fresh springtime ramps, you can substitute scallions in this delicious starchy side. (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

22. Middle Eastern Grilled Vegetable and Lentil Salad: We have to stop ourselves from eating this tahini-yogurt dressing with a spoon. (via Apples + Sparkle)

23. Grilled Sesame-Ginger Asparagus and Portabello Salad: Who needs takeout when you can fire up the grill and have this Asian-inspired salad on the table in a flash? (via Lisa Is Cooking)

24. Elote Salad: OMG, this is the equivalent of our mom cutting the corn off the cob for us when we were in the highchair, and we love it. Finally we can eat elote without looking like a sloppy baby. (via Esquire)

What salads are you tossing on the grill? Let us know in the comments!