It seems like selfless acts of kindness are becoming increasingly rare these days, which only serves to make them so much more special and powerful when they do actually happen. We couldn鈥檛 help but smile from ear to ear as we heard of an Applebee鈥檚 waiter receiving a $500 tip for the most amazing reason. We also fought back tears as this group of celebs helped a couple make it to the altar in time for their wedding. Now, our hearts are aflutter yet again, and it鈥檚 all thanks to this beautiful video from INSIDER.


Written and produced by Eames Yates and A.C. Fowler, the touching clip sees the crew hitting the streets of NYC to hand out flowers to unsuspecting strangers. Walking up to men, women, kids, even puppies 鈥 absolutely no one was left out! 鈥 Eames and A.C. spread the joy and got the ball rolling on what they鈥檝e since dubbed #ThePositiveMovement.

鈥淥ur goal is to make people smile a little bit,鈥 they declare in the video, as they do just that, taking folks by surprise and eliciting everything from laughter to tears of joy. Their small act of kindness received some pretty huge reactions, and they were all truly amazing. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to cry,鈥 said one lovely woman sitting on a park bench as she wiped tears from her eyes. 鈥淭his made my day,鈥 another confessed, giving her anonymous new friend a massive hug.

Since being shared on Facebook last night, the touching vid, which is simply titled 鈥淗anding Flowers to Strangers,鈥 has already garnered over 600K likes, close to 10,000 shares and some seriously touching comments. The one that jumped out immediately (and really summed up our own feelings about the whole thing) was posted by Kristina Dolak Preston who wrote: 鈥淲ow, this is incredible and pure on so many levels! Made my heart smile! This is exactly what we need in this world! Kindness, beauty, caring, and unconditional love! Love you guys!鈥

We love them too! Check out the vid in its entirety here.

Handing flowers to strangers

We handed flowers to strangers in NYC.Their reactions were pretty amazing.

Posted by INSIDER video on Friday, August 26, 2016

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