This Group of Celebs Banded Together on Social Media to Get a Couple to the Altar
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This Group of Celebs Banded Together on Social Media to Get a Couple to the Altar

Sophia Bush wasn’t kidding when she told us how passionate she was about helping people. When engaged couple Gus and Jessie found themselves stranded on the side of the road with no means of getting to their own wedding, Sophia became one of several celebs, including Kate Walsh and Constance Zimmer, to join Twitter users @azita, @psimadethis and Nicola Behrman to use their social media influence to find a solution to the problem.

It all started with an ill-fated road trip for the couple, who were en route to their own wedding at a private Seattle forest ceremony. With their two dogs in tow, they hauled a trailer they had spent the last year remodeling, but disaster struck when the brakes on the Jeep they were driving went out moments before a sharp left turn over a cliff.

Though the car’s emergency brake ultimately saved their lives, the Jeep was no more, leaving them alone in the woods without transportation.

Unsure of how to proceed, the pair turned to social media for help. Their Jeep was beyond repair and they were unable to find a rental company nearby with a large enough vehicle to accommodate the trailer and all of their belongings. With the wedding date looming, things weren’t looking good.

Enter the Internet. Not only was a GoFundMe account set up to raise $3,658 to be used toward a new car upon their return home, their story quickly went viral, reaching the aforementioned celebrities in record time.

Tagging a bevy of car companies, Sophia reposted @azitaloves call to the couple’s aid, writing, “Who wants to be a hero and help out these about-to-be-newlyweds?”

The tactic WORKED: Audi came through with a Q7 large enough to pull the couple’s trailer and drove it to them from San Francisco (seven hours away) just in the nick of time.

Sophia shared the good news with an update to her post, writing, “HUMANS ARE AMAZING AND THE WORLD IS GLORIOUS AND GOOD K BYYYYYYYE.”

The couple also took to Instagram to share their story in its entirety with the passage below:

“On Monday we were stranded on a mountain top with no cell phone service for four hours after losing power and brakes to our vehicle on a downslope. On Tuesday, we sat in our trailer all day waiting for the verdict on our Jeep. By Tuesday night we were holding each other, both in tears of disappointment because it was becoming difficult to find the light at the end of this tunnel after getting more bad news of the status of our whereabouts. Come Wednesday afternoon, a complete turn of events led us to holding each other, both in tears of joy, shock and gratitude. We were waiting in line at the DMV watching all of this unfold and couldn’t believe a single word of it. Instagram and Facebook shares and mentions, comments, DMs, donations, messages, friend requests and a phone call from two complete strangers telling us not to worry, we were being taken care of. By Wednesday night, an Audi 2017 Q7 was driven to us from San Francisco. It’s Thursday morning and we’re on the way to our wedding. By tomorrow night, Gus will be my husband and I will be his wife and it could not have happened without any of this.”

Holy cow, we need a tissue!

The couple DID make it to their wedding, and from the photo they shared via Instagram, it turned out to be an incredibly amazing day.

Talk about a happy ending! CONGRATULATIONS, GUS AND JESSIE!

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