Gwyneth Paltrow knows her way around an impeccably decorated home, whether it’s a dreamy $40,000 Airbnb rental, her crazy luxe NYC apartment, or her home in the Hamptons. The Goop founder adores minimalist decor and modern design, and she’s definitely got an addiction to perfectly styled spaces. Recently, she got a little home makeover thanks to the folks at The Home Edit, a Nashville-based company that is all about decluttering and beautifying spaces. The end result? Let’s just say these pantry and playroom storage areas are both chock-full of organizational inspiration. Scroll down to see what we learned from The Home Edit’s perfectly put together makeover of Paltrow’s Hamptons home.

Take one look at this storage room and try to tell us it isn’t giving you *major* organizational envy. The Home Edit worked their magic by dividing Paltrow’s playroom up by category — activities on the right and leisure on the left. By separating the creative space into “zones,” the room not only looks streamlined, but it’s also easier for the kiddos to go straight to what they’re looking for, whether it’s finding a book, experimenting with a science project, or getting arts and craftsy.

The Home Edit continued their job in the pantry, where they focused on keeping things bright and fresh but also functional. By using white wicker and wood baskets, and glass food storage jars, food stays visible and much more accessible. Labeling jars with a washable white marker is both chic and useful. We’ve truly never seen such a summery food storage space! Gin and tonic, anyone?!

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(Featured photo via Phillip Faraone/Getty)