Looking for a swoon-worthy hair trend that gives you all the updo magic your heart desires? Allow us to introduce you to the hair heart! Sweeten up your workaday ‘do by artfully pinning or looping braids or ponies into heart shapes that show off your softer side. Try it with a half-up, half-down look for a pulled-together take on free-flowing locks. Or stay stylish and sentimental with a full-on updo. Any way you look at it, your heart will be in the right place. Scroll down for nine of the most Pinnable hair hearts around.


1. Heart Bun: Bookmark this one for Valentine’s day because it’s just that sweet! This half-up look works because the bun is super casual but still totally polished. Rock it boho style with a peasant skirt and off-the-shoulder blouse or jazz up your Sunday errand getup. (via The Beauty Department)


2. Heart Ponytail: Here’s a subtle hair heart that’s so simple and easy, you can swing it any day of the week. Gently pull out two loops on your plain old ponytail and voila: instant hair heart. Lazy girls for the win! (via Cute Girls’ Hairstyles)


3. Braided Heart: No time to shampoo? No problemo. Braids always work best with second-day hair. The tousled side part makes this ‘do just casual enough to be a match made in heaven for simple jeans and a tee. (via Hair Romance)


4. Half-Up Heart Loop: A heart looks natural in a messy hairstyle. The half-up pony provides a base to hold a loop on either side, resulting in a loosely twisted hairstyle fit for a queen. (via Kassinka)


5. Double Fishtail Braid: A high-on-the-crown braid descends into a fishtail that forms the pointed tip of a loosely woven heart. Whip this one out when you’re prepared to turn some heads. (via Exotic Fish)


6. Half-Up Heart Braid: Two braids make up each half of a whole heart when they meet in the middle. This look can be dressed up or down, making it a great addition to a sundress or formal maxi. (via A Cup of Jo)


7. Mermaid Heart Braid: This braid is so sweet and delicate. Three mini heart loops blend right into a mermaid braid that ends in pretty loose curls. Break this one out when you meet your S.O.’s parents. How will they resist you? (via Cute Girls’ Hair)


8. Heart Braid: This looks just like your everyday pulled-back hairstyle from the front, but when you turn around folks will do a double take. This breezy look can take you from work to play without a mirror check. (via PopSugar)


9. Heart Braid With Loose Curls: This pulled-back braid is nestled in a bed of messy loose curls for an ideal balance of comfort and polish. Feel free to rock this version while catching waves at the beach. (via Trends Style)

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