Some people go all out with costumes and decor for Halloween. But you鈥檙e more of a Netflix and Chill kind of gal when it comes to party plans on All Hallows Eve. You already have an entire list of scary movies to watch with your close ghoul-friends and have the ghoulish snacks lined up to keep your binge marathon going way past when the trick or treaters turn in for the night. But what about TV shows 鈥 did any episodes make the cut (we mean, besides the ones from the American Horror Story party you鈥檙e hosting later on)? Make sure you don鈥檛 forget the shorter, sillier scream-themed shows you can stream to lighted up your scary queue. Here are six TV episodes to make you LOL on the spookiest night of the year.


1. Freaks And Geeks (Season 1 Ep.3): This episode of the gone-way-too-soon show will give you major nostalgia for a time when you felt too old to trick or treat but still couldn鈥檛 give it up. Plus if you haven鈥檛 seen Martin Starr in a Bionic Woman costume you haven鈥檛 really LIVED.


2. Friends (Season 8 Ep.6): Things to look out for in this episode: Phoebe鈥檚 鈥渢win鈥 sister Ursula, Monica being the skinniest person ever to walk the earth in a Catwoman costume, Bunny Chandler and Sean freaking Penn. Shout out to the extra wearing a baffling ensemble of puffballs who has a butt that gets two seconds of screen time but will remain burned into your brain for its insane perkiness.


3. Bob鈥檚 Burgers (Season 3 Ep.2): Speaking of looking at butts, your favorite feminist icon Tina rocks an awesome 鈥淢ommy Mummy鈥 costume in this episode (鈥淚鈥檓 working two jobs and just trying to get back out there!鈥). The kids go on a wild adventure in search for bigger candy bars while Bob and Linda have a crazy Halloween party that quickly escalates into a murder mystery.


4. How I Met Your Mother (Season 1 Ep.6): This episode will bring you back to the days this show wasn鈥檛 hacky and the finale didn鈥檛 totally break your heart. Season one has the first appearance of the legendary Slutty Pumpkin. If you still miss this show after watching, try listening to this podcast where the actor who plays Ted Mosby actually has pretty insightful things to say about spirituality.


5. Parks and Recreation (Season 4 Episode 5): Shortly after introducing the world to the immortal concept that is 鈥淭reat yo-self,鈥 the Parks and Rec gang teams up for a Halloween party. Highlights include Andy putting Ben in a sleeper hold to solve a conflict, April looking fierce as a deflated sumo wrestler and an eggplant-costumed Anne learning home improvement tips from Ron Swanson鈥 who is a pirate, as per usual.

The Office - Season 6

6. The Office (Every Halloween episode they鈥檝e ever made): How do we even begin to list our favorites? There鈥檚 season two episode five where Michael tries to fire someone while wearing a paper mache version of himself on his shoulder. Or season five episode six where Pam learns the hard way that a) no one wears costumes at corporate and b) Charlie Chaplin looks a lot like Hitler. We also can鈥檛 forget season six episode eight where we were introduced to Jim鈥檚 notorious 鈥渂ookface鈥 costume (honorable mention to Mindy Kaling dressed as Li Lu from The Fifth Element).

Did we miss your favorite Halloween episode? Tell us in the comments! Also do you miss The Office as much as we do, because we miss it the way some people miss a dead relative.