Guys. Happy Halloween! We have been counting down the days until October 31st, and it is finally TODAY. Throughout our preparations over the past few weeks — making homemade chocolate candy bars,carving jack-‘o-lanterns and planning the ultimate Halloween costume — we have also enjoyed combing through your submissions for the 2014 Halloween Costume Contest. Your costumes from years past went above and beyond our expectations, and we were seriously impressed. Y’all are just so darn creative. It came down to a heated office discussion and final vote, but we finally have our winners. Cue the drumroll…

1. Wind-Up Doll: This costume is just adorable. PLUS, you can DIY the look for yourself using Kate’s tutorial on her website. #makersgonnamake

2. Mary Poppins and Bert: We definitely did a double take when we saw this authentic Mary Poppins and Bert costume. This best-dressed Halloween couple look like they hopped straight from the movie screen. Congrats, you guys! This costume is… supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

3. Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell: Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. This Peter Pan trio makes us want to fly off to Neverland and never grow up.

As we mentioned in our announcement post, our grand prize winner will receive $250 and the two runner-ups will receive two Brit Kits of their choice from the B+C Shop. Of course, because we love to share and know you do too, here are a few more of the costumes that totally made us look.


Andy Warhol: This kid is totally nailing the Andy Warhol look.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout: Who better prepared to fight off a swarm of birds than a Boy Scout and Girl Scout? Put those badges and wilderness skills to good use to survive this Halloween.

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat: Throwback to your favorite childhood book this Halloween! We’re going bananas for this couple’s costume featuring our favorite little monkey.

Batman, Catwoman and Robin: This couple totally took their superhero costumes to the next level.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are: How adorable is this costume based on Max from Where the Wild Things Are?

Crow of the Night’s Watch: Night gathers and now my watch begins. We are so impressed by this realistic Game of Thrones costume.

Spider Web: AHH! This little one got caught up in a spider’s web.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator: Okay, this is hilarious. This duo turned popular Adobe products into creative superhero costumes. Illustrator and Photoshop are here to save the day!

What are you wearing for Halloween today/tonight? Talk to us in the comments below.