Boo! You know we’re obsessed with Halloween around here, but did you know that we’re also obsessed with making Halloween more creative and fun for all of you? Introducing the brand spankin’ new Brit + Co. Halloween Shop!

We know you guys are busy, so we’ve curated a whole collection of items and DIY kits that make throwing a beautiful (or totally creepy) party as easy as ever. It’s your new one-stop shop for Halloween ideas, supplies, and other goodies for hosting your own party. We’ve organized our shop into five unique Halloween parties: Classic Party; Chic Party; Creepy Party; Dia de los Muertos Party; and a Glow in the Dark Party. Of course, we totally recommend mixing and matching all of these parties to suit your personal style. And guess what? Every party has its very own washi tape to match!

Here are some of our favorite items from each party:

1. Classic Halloween Party: This party is all about classic orange and black, candy corns, candlesticks, treat bags, and the like. Kits include everything you need from spray paint to balloons to candy melts, and stencils. See everything in action by checking out our post on 11 Must-Makes for the Classic Halloween Party.

Going clockwise from the top left: Striped Treat Bags ($3); Colorful Candlestick Kit ($30); Candy Corn Mason Jar Kit ($15); Chevron Washi Tape ($4); Burlap Bunting Kit ($20); Candy Melts Kit ($10); Striped Straws ($5); and Party Accessories Kit ($25).

Or you can go for the gold by snagging the Ultimate Classic Halloween Party Kit ($100) which includes everything you need to create the whole she-bang!

2. Chic Party: From the classic to the chic, this party combines black, white, and gold to create a more sophisticated soiree. It’s sort of like Beetlejuice meets The Sartorialist, with a whole bunch of DIY projects in between.

Our picks: Rugby Striped Straws ($5); Studded Runner Kit ($15); Striped Vases Kit ($15); Chic Party Accessories Kit ($20); Gold Striped Washi Tape ($4); Gilded Ivy Kit ($9); Gilded Insect Kit ($9); Gold and Black Bunting Kit ($20); and Gold Candlestick Kit ($30).

Ready to buy out the whole chic party? Well, there’s an Ultimate Chic Halloween Party Kit ($110) for that ;)

3. Creepy Party: Maybe you want to channel your inner Dexter and go for a creepier look? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Items include: Red Candlestick Kit ($30); Blood-Splattered Runner Kit ($10); Creepy Preserved Insects Kit ($25); Blood-Splattered Vases Kit ($15); Bloody Bunting Kit ($20); Blood-Splattered Jars Kit ($25); Creepy Black and Red Party Accessories Kit ($25); Wooden Test Tube Set ($10); and Red Chevron Washi Tape ($4).

Want all of it? Grab the Ultimate Creepy Halloween Party Kit ($140) and get ready to creep out your friends all Halloween long.

4. Dia de los Muertos Party: We love the rich colors and funky shapes associated with Dia de los Muertos, so naturally we had to turn it into a party!

What we’re stocking up on: Dia de los Muertos Party Accessories Kit ($15); Color-Blocked Candles Kit ($25); Multi-Colored Tissue Paper ($5); Color-Blocked Table Runner Kit ($25); Clay Candle Holder Kit ($25); Candy Stripe Washi Tape ($4); Rugby Treat Bags ($3); and Dia de los Muertos Candlestick Kit ($30).

5. Glow in the Dark Party: Turn off the lights and get ready to party, glow in the dark style! From glow in the dark spray paint to glow in the dark tape, this kit is great for the after party.

Get your glow on: Glow in the Dark Ivy Kit ($15); Glow in the Dark Bunting Kit ($20); Glow in the Dark Tile Coaster Kit ($15); Glow in the Dark Duck Tape ($5); Glow in the Dark Vases Kit ($15); Striped Straws ($5); Lime Zig Zag Washi Tape ($4); Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint ($6); and Spider Rings ($3).

Stay tuned for more DIY Halloween projects for each of these parties over the next few weeks here on Brit + Co. Now, head to that shop and start getting spooky! ‘Tis the season ;)

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