Picking up a new creative hobby is never a bad idea. From paper mache to beat boxing, you can get lost in whatever you want to do. Think hand-lettering might be the thing for you? Since the 50 Days of Lettering Challenge just started (take the creativity challenge, what are you waiting for?!), we wanted to give you a little lettering inspo to get you going. Hand lettering is a creative process that doesn’t always end with your ideal product, BUT practice makes perfect. Take these 12 whimsical writers as prime examples.


1. @caseyligon: If you’re looking for someone who uses multiple different mediums, Casey has the perfect account. She uses everything from parsley to coffee grounds to create her beautiful hand lettering.


2. @jennetliaw: Jennet’s attention to detail in her pieces leaves you awe-inspired. Check out this account for some serious script.


3. @seanwes: This account is perfect for the perfectionists. Sean’s ideally aligned hand lettering will get you itching to practice your own!


4. @jeremyfriend: Jeremy’s slanted lettering is all you could ever want. His elegant strokes are enough inspiration to last you a lifetime.


5. @valeriemckeehan: Let’s talk chalk! This girl has some serious skill on the blackboard that will throw you back to your schoolyard days.


6. @inkscribbler: This account will bring out your inner ethereal goddess. Their blend of floral and lettering is sure to make them your muse.


7. @nevesman: The bigger and brighter, the better. This account will definitely get you inspired to write outside the box.


8. @christophercraig: From letters to illustrations to sayings, Christopher’s Micron pen never fails to make magic. This account is sure to spark some inspiration.


9. @noeltheartist: Bring out your inner explorer with this nature-inspired account. Noel has a knack for keeping things coin-sized with his hand lettered logos and illustrations.


10. @pistolpress_sf: When you’re looking for the ideal mix of lettering and photography, this account is for you. Adriana combines the two elements to make perfectly beautiful images!


11. @jenngietzen: This account follows all the colors of the rainbow! Jenn’s lettering is the perfect combination of color and sass.


12. @thirstyheartsdesign: Hand lettering on anything and everything? Yes, please! Angie puts her pen marks on everything from mugs to t-shirts!

Feeling inspired? Practice your own hand lettering by taking the 50 Days of Lettering Challenge. Even learn new skills through the daily creativity task by checking out our collection of online hand lettering classes including Calligraphy 101 and Calligraphy 201, Hand Lettering Basics and Brush Calligraphy.

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