It’s time for a creative challenge!

Creativity is not always about the end product — a huge part of it is about the process, the struggle, the practice and then, hopefully, a success or two. Going into this year, our creative team really wanted to find space for a collaborative project that encourages creative practice and isn’t just about the bright, shiny final product. And as it turns out, the rest of our team was also on board with pushing their creative skills to the next level. So, the 50 Days of Lettering Challenge was born. It starts today and we want YOU to join in on the fun.


Inspired by last year’s 100 Days collaboration between artist Elle Luna and online magazineThe Great Discontent, this challenge is all about maintaining a creative practice over a set amount of time. We went with 50 days because a month seemed too short, and 100 days is baller but felt like a stretch for a lot of people. And hey, we can always keep going after the 50 days are up!


Here’s how to participate:

1. Choose 50 days and commit to lettering every day — we’re starting today, March 14.

2. Record each day by taking a photo (or saving the piece that you lettered).

3. Share your progress. You can share daily, weekly or whatever you like. Tag @BritandCo and use hashtag #50daysoflettering and we’ll regram all our faves!

Now, why lettering? Well, we’ve been in kind of a love affair with lettering in all its forms, ever since filming our very first online class, Calligraphy 101 with Lauren Essl. In our completely digital era, the art of handwriting has become just that — an art form. It’s not part of everyday life for most people, and usually just shows up in the form of to-do lists, sticky note reminders or dry erase board brainstorm sessions. Since creating Calligraphy 101, we’ve created a whole collection of lettering-focused classes: Intro to Hand Lettering; Brush Calligraphy; Custom Stationery and Calligraphy 201. These are all a GREAT way to brush up (pun intended) on your lettering skills and learn brand new ones.


Follow our progress here on Brit + Co, and share your own by tagging @BritandCo on Instagram with the hashtag #50daysoflettering. We can’t wait to see what you create!