We’re excited to join folks across the country in celebrating American makers because, around here, every day is Makers Monday! To us, today is all about celebrating hand-crafted creativity in all forms — whether it’s learning to make something on your own or purchasing that something special that has that “made from scratch” quality, beauty and individuality. If you can dream it, we know you can make it. After all, #makersgonnamake!

Our mission, here at Brit + Co, is to inspire and enable creativity in women. We believe that everyone is truly creative — today we are proud honor all those who have turned their creativity into their craft.

We’re proud to call dozens of American makers part of the Brit + Co family thanks to the B+C Shop. Here are some sage words of wisdom, advice and inspiration from three very special folks.

Founded by Melody Shirazi, Isobell Designs is a line of handcrafted jewelry made here in San Francisco. Drawing inspiration from 1920s American architecture and Art Deco design, Melody combines the past with the present in her approach to jewelry making.

What Melody loves about making: “My favorite part about jewelry making is taking something and turning it into wearable art. It feels almost alchemistic.”

Head here to learn more about Melody, and be sure to check out her gorgeous designs in the B+C Shop.

Small-town Texas guy Travis Weaver started Manready Mercantile with his neighbor and now business partner, Roby Fitzhenry, back in 2012.

Why he started Manready Mercantile: “I started the business just to prove a point…the idea that you can start something from nothing and make it these days. You just have to work smart and work hard. This company is proof.”

Learn more about Travis here, and stock up on gifts for the dudes in your life by heading to Manready Mercantile in the B+C Shop.

Based in Denver, Fig + Yarrow is an artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted organic health and beauty products founded by Brandy Monique.

Brandy’s advice for aspiring makers: “Find your own expression. It’s so fulfilling to cultivate something uniquely your own. You are equally endowed as all the rest with the ability to create something uniquely different from the rest.”

Shop Fig & Yarrow goods in the B+C Shop, and read all about Brandy’s creative process right here.

We hope their words and stories inspire you to make something today.

And if you’re in need of a little more inspiration, check out our #iamcreative manifesto.

Happy Makers Monday!