Your wellness routine is the key to feeling good every day, so eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep and exercise on the reg are ultra-important. Admittedly, keeping healthy habits at the top of your list of priorities can be difficult to do — especially when life is chaotic or you switch up your routine to enjoy a well-deserved vacation before summer ends. To get some tips on how to stick with healthy habits while traveling, we chatted with Purely Elizabeth‘s founder, Elizabeth Stein. Constantly on the go for her company, she’s no stranger to maintaining a wholesome lifestyle while working from a variety of locations. Read on for her secrets.

1. Stay hydrated. Being dehydrated is super dangerous, and not drinking enough water can cause you to lose your energy or crave salty foods, two things that can derail you from keeping on track with your healthy goals. Stein says she always carries her own water bottle wherever she goes. “I always travel with my favorite water bottle so I can refill it throughout the day and not worry about security,” she explains. “Flying always dehydrates me, so I make sure to drink lots of water throughout and after I land.”

2. Move just as much (if not more!). Stein tells us that when she can, she loves finding her favorite workout classes in different cities she travels to. “I look for SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, and other classes,” she says. “If I can’t make it to a workout class, then I make sure to plan a quick workout or enjoy the destination by taking a walk, run, or swim.” She tells us she’s also a big fan of mixing movement with fun — especially if you’re traveling with friends. “Why not enjoy your vacation while sneaking in a workout at the same time? Some of my favorite healthy things to do are scuba dive, hike, and kayak.” Perfect!

3. Have healthy snacks on hand. “I never want to be forced to make a poor food choice because I’m too hungry, or there’s not anything healthy nearby,” Stein shares. “To avoid it, I always have a protein bar, mini granola, or Purely Elizabeth Grab+Go Cup ($3) on hand for a quick bite to tide me over.”

4. Keep your routine in mind. It’s totally fine to indulge on vacay, but keeping your goals and current routine top of mind can prevent you from ruining the healthy habits you’ve been working hard to create. “Enjoy a few dishes or drinks, but don’t go overboard,” Stein advises.

5. Get enough sleep. “Don’t cram your itinerary with so much that you don’t get enough sleep,” Stein says. “Plan your trip with sleep in mind so you can enjoy your trip instead of feeling like you need a vacation after coming home.” Getting enough zzz’s will give you awesome energy for all of your activities and nix the carb cravings that come when you’re sleepy.

6. Swear by sunscreen. “I apply a two-in-one sunscreen and moisturizer every morning to protect my skin,” Stein tells us. “I know I’ll probably be outdoors for at least a little bit, and nothing ruins a trip faster than a sunburn.” Don’t forget to reapply in the afternoon if you plan to be outside for most of the day!

When it comes to her favorite trip ever, Stein says it was an adventure with her family that was really special. “Earlier this year, I spent time with my mom and sister in South Beach for my birthday. It was a nice mix of relaxing by the pool and hitting up my favorite SoulCycle studio.” Always on the go for work, Stein shares that she got the travel bug from her mom. “We’ve taken some really amazing trips together, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to share those experiences with her.” Aww.

How do you stick with healthy habits while traveling? Share your secrets with us on Twitter @BritandCo and tag us in your travel pics on Insta so we can keep up with your adventures!