If your dad is anything like ours, then he’s usually totally right about everything. Whether it’s about the grilling tools you should be using or the epic summer trips you should be going go on, we find ourselves uttering the words “Yeah, you were right,” more times than not. Well, maybe not ALL the time. Sometimes they have a mess-up here or there, and these #DadFails are here to prove it. Scroll through to see 15 heartwarming Instas that show sometimes the dad life ain’t easy.

1. Cruising the Streets: Twins + two bikes + no shoes = a recipe for a few stubbed toes. At least he remembered their helmets!

2. Litchfield Jump: Chances are, this dad is an OITNB binger, so a picture of his kiddo on a Litchfield sign is a total must. He just wasn’t expecting his little one to jump off… whoops!

3. Bike Build: Hey, Dad, sticking to LEGOs might be your best bet, because building that bike looks about as difficult as that IKEA shelf we tried to put together last week. Maybe go with a pre-built one next time?

4. Hat Blindfold: Wearing hats to keep your head warm is *so* last winter. This year, blindfolding is the new trend. Yep, this little girl is a total trendsetter.

5. Apple Sticker: Big props to Dad for feeding his kiddo a healthy snack. But we’ll have to deduct a couple points for leaving the sticker on. It happens to the best of us, Dad.

6. “Braided” Hair: An Elsa braid is *the* style for the kiddos these days. This one might not be Elsa-worthy, but Dad get’s an A for effort ;)

7. Dress Up Day: Every day is dress up day in our books, but apparently this little girl’s daycare didn’t agree. Just because Daddy got the wrong day doesn’t mean she doesn’t look completely adorable.

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8. The New Car Seat: Sitting your little one in a basket on the floor seems like a guaranteed safe spot… that is, until they fall backwards. High chairs and car seats are the way to go, peeps.

9. Big Shoes: Little girl, you’ve got big shoes to fill. Maybe next year those will fit.

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10. Oatmeal Shoes: This little baby got the memo that oatmeal is actually great for your skin. Hey, you can’t blame her for wanting to start the anti-aging process a little early.

11. Microwave Fail: Sometimes, even heating things up in the microwave can be hard, and that doesn’t stop with baby bottles. It’s okay, Dad, we’ve all had a microwave accident or two.

12. Coloring Expert: This pop isn’t the only one whose kid’s coloring skills surpassed theirs early on. Dad, you know what you need to up your #skillz? Pattern Play ($10), of course!

13. Tights As Pants: We’re all for wearing leggings as pants, but tights? Maybe not so much. Let’s just hope her daddy opens the right drawer tomorrow AM.

14. Pancake Art: Pancake art is V trendy right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. These Star Wars flapjacks prove just that. We suggest snagging a box of Eggos on your next trip to the grocery store.

15. Burp Rag Shirt: Real men don’t wear burp rags. They just use their t-shirt instead. Sorry, Dad, it looks like you’ll be wearing that accessory all day.

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