You know that guy who killed all the spiders for you growing up? Or maybe he pranked you with a fake spider in your bed? We’re talking about your dear ol’ dad! It’s almost time to celebrate this guy, so we’ve got a one-of-a-kind DIY for your favorite dad, and it includes fire AND food. Win-win! Break out your wood burning kit (if you don’t have one yet, get it here) and pick up a set of grill tools with wooden handles for the ultimate grill master present.


Materials + Tools:

– grilling tools

– wood burning kit (buy it here!)


When searching around for grilling tools, try to find ones that have bamboo handles. We found these on Amazon and they even come with built-in bottle openers. Score!


From cheese boards to grilling tools, your wood burner can update them all! We used letter stamps to customize this piece for the #1 guy in our lives.


Switch out the wood burning tip for the “pencil” tip, and use it to create a chargrilled pattern.


Pair these handmade grilling tools with some one-of-a-kind gifts for your favorite ol’ fella.


Treat your dad to some grillin’ on this special day. Need some recipes? Check out our favorite unusual foods to grill =) Thanks Dad for teaching me how to grill, use power tools, and manage my expenses =) P.S. Sorry I never took up golfing.

What can you thank your dad for on this Father’s Day? Share your memories with us below!