A lot can happen in a week. Since we left you last week, everybody is pregnant with twins and Instagram has become a place for high-end political trolling. Wanna know what else is new? Apps. So many apps. Over the past week, we hand-selected five new apps that deserve a spot on your phone. Whether you’re a mom looking to connect with fellow moms or just trying to jump on board the meditation train, these five new apps are the best of what’s out there for you this week. We’ll see you next week when lord knows what else will have changed.

1. Peanut: It’s a common complaint of new mothers that they feel like they don’t have anyone who actually relates to them. No more. Peanut introduces itself as “Tinder for mamas,” hoping to connect like-minded mothers. You can chat, share tips or schedule meet-ups when you can talk about absolutely everything besides being a mom.


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2. Pinterest: We know what you’re thinking — “I already have Pinterest.” Well, unless you updated the app this week, you don’t have Pinterest like this. Now the app works as “Shazam for real life” with its new feature “Pinterest Lens,” which lets you identify items you like IRL and save them to your board. So that adorable skirt your co-worker is wearing or the futon in your friend’s apartment can finally be welcome additions to your Pinterest life.


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3. Jim.Coach: We all want to be fit, but it can be impossible to know where to start. This new app, the “gym workout app for normal people,” recommends workout routines based on what you want to achieve and your current level — but in totally easy terms that any non-gym rat can understand.


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4. 21: Get paid to answer your emails (which is basically a dream come true, right?). Basically, recruiters and salespeople send you messages. Answer their questions and you’ll get paid in Bitcoin, which you can use all over the world or for online shopping.


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5. 10 Minute Meditation: If you’ve wanted to jump in on the meditation wellness trend but find it hard to sit still with your eyes closed, this app will lead you on a guided, interactive version of meditation. It’s an excellent introduction to the skill for those who think they’ll never be able to calm their minds.


DL It: $1.99 on iOS

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