Streamlining oftentimes ups productivity (and apparently, so does your personality), and one of the most common problems when you’re trying to get things done on the web is an overflow of tabs. If you’re one of those folks who get anxiety looking at too many open tabs, worry no more. Meet your newest bestie, Toby.


Toby is a game-changing extension that allows you to organize your tabs in a way that just makes sense. You can easily sort all your tabs into lists, like “wishlist,” “inspo,” “favorite blogs,” etc.


You can also organize those lists further into categories, like “work,” “personal,” etc., and search across all your stored tabs for specific keywords.


On the right, you’ll see the tabs you currently have open, and you can drag and drop these into your lists on the left.


If you want to quickly save your session, just click on the Toby extension in your toolbar and hit “Save Session.” You can also have Toby open on every new tab or just when you open it from the toolbar.


Want to close all your open tabs and open just the ones from a certain list? You can do that too. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, you can switch on and off Dark Theme, which makes everything soooo much easier on the eyes when you have to work at night.

Life is so much better when you can declutter your tabs — your decluttered mind will certainly thank you. Ready to try out Product Hunt’s #1 Chrome Extension? Pick it up here.

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