Ahhh, the good old days of heading to “hang out” at the mall with your besties, eating incredible food court food, being typical teens and trying on ~trendy~ clothes at your fave stores (even if you had to scrounge up your allowance to purchase anything). Even though those days are long gone, Hilary Duff just transported us back in a very #TBT way (with an Instagram post, duh) to a store we all probably frequented back in the day that’s actually pretty cool now.


Hilary’s post — on National Coffee Day — explained that the pair of jeans she was rocking came from American Eagle! What’s more is that the truly awesome jeans are made from recycled coffee grounds. So, not only are they perfectly distressed, fit amazingly well, but they’re made from a recycled product? We had to know more.

The denim is dubbed Denim X Café, and each jean contains 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds. Why coffee grounds in jeans, you might ask? It actually is genius and makes total sense: coffee grounds contain a natural deodorizing quality, so the Flex Cafe denim can actually stay fresher than your typical pair. Another bonus of the coffee-infused jeans is that they’re protected from UV rays, which can compromise the integrity of the denim. The jeans will be available beginning on October 15th and they’re super reasonably priced at $50 — $55. This is crazy cool fashion news, right?

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(h/t Racked; featured photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty; photo via @hilaryduff)