Hillary Clinton is a major boss, no matter how you choose to look at things (perfect power couple Halloween costumes, BTW). She can handle any sitch from heated interviews to, well, getting ready to run the country. And she can definitely handle someone doing their best to freak her out, as she proved to Zach Galifianakis when she showed him why it’s NOT a good idea to try to scare her. Yikes!

Hillary Clinton

When they sat down together for a Between Two Ferns interview for Funny or Die, Zach thought it would be a good icebreaker to start the interview by popping on a freaky skull mask and creeping slowly towards the presidential nominee. “Not a good idea when the secret service is around,” Hillary pointed out to Zach seconds after he was thoroughly tackled to the ground, taking a fern with him.

Hillary Clinton _ Funny or Die

Though the interview goes on to take on Trump, rumors, policy and librarian fashion from outer space, we’re sure Zach will never try to scare Hillary ever again. Take a peek at the video to see the sitch (and Zach) hilariously go down.

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(Photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty, Funny or Die)