Just like we love buying trendy, affordable clothing to pair with wardrobe basics to give our outfits a more of-the-moment feel, so too do we love adding cheapy beauty products into our makeup routines to switch up our day-to-day looks. Soon, H&M will be a one-stop shop for getting both. According to the company鈥檚 annual full-year report, which was just released today, the Swedish fast-fashion retailer will launch an extensive in-house beauty line this fall. Called H&M Beauty, the collection of 鈥渉igh-quality, value-for-money products鈥 will include specially designed makeup, body care and hair care products, which will be sold online and in 900 H&M stores.


Even though H&M does currently sell a selection of branded cosmetics, most of which are slung at checkout as impulse buys, the news of a complete product overhaul indicates that H&M is finally taking a serious stab at the beauty market. We鈥檙e expecting a thorough Topshop-esque program of seasonal products, on-the-pulse color palettes and a base collection 鈥 maybe even spanning all three categories 鈥 of pick-me-ups we won鈥檛 mind stashing at our desks or resigning to our tote bags, because really, when hasn鈥檛 H&M had your back when you need to look stylish in a pinch? We鈥檙e already imagining an entire section of their website dedicated to tutorials that tie in with the season鈥檚 trendiest looks and, if we鈥檙e really lucky, beauty tie-ins with future designer collaborations. Just sayin鈥: we would have definitely snatched up hair gel + nude lipstick along with our futuristic athleisure pieces to look more like Alexander Wang models.

What kind of makeup would you buy from H&M? Tell us about your hopes for the makeup line in the comments below.