Holiday music is playing in the malls, houses are decorated with fabulous DIY wreaths and invites to holiday parties are starting to appear in our inboxes. But getting into the festive spirit can be a challenge when we’re stuck in our eight-by-eight cubicles. For anyone who needs a seasonal pick-me-up at work, we’re sharing 14 holiday-themed desk accessories to help you overcome your inner work Grinch.


1. Christmas Wish List Notebook ($9): Christmas lists aren’t just for children. This handmade notebook from Brighton is perfect for online window shopping at work.


2. Holiday Package Tape ($9): Whether you’re sending off a card or sealing off some office supplies, this holiday package tape will definitely get you in the festive spirit.


3. Kiwi Leather Desk Address Book ($28): Keep your records straight this holiday (work or personal, we won’t tell!) with this durable leather address book.


4. Penguin Plates ($15): Grab yourself a festive friend this December to catch all your paperclips, rubber bands and rogue pens. Each set includes two plates, so you can keep one and gift the other!


5. Candy Cane Power Bank ($12): Gain three extra hours of juice with this sweet power charger. Check out their Jingle Bells cover about the importance of power saving if you don’t believe us.


6. Anna Griffin Pink File Folders ($14): Make filing fun again (or possibly for the first time) with these adorable Anna Griffin file folders. Each set includes 12 folders in a bright and cheery holiday print.


7. Make Your Own Stag Head ($40): Class up your cubicle with this ultra-hip DIY fabric stag head set. The project includes several stages, making it a perfect activity for snowy lunch breaks at the office.


8. Anchor Sleeve Macbook Air ($27): Your laptop deserves a holiday outfit too. Adorn him with this trendy lumbersexual-approved plaid Herschel carrying case for a December you’ll never want to forget.


9. Christmas Shopping Planner ($5): Holiday shopping is definitely hectic, especially when you’re doing 40-hour work weeks in the office. Ease some stress with this ultra-chic shopping planner that details who to shop for, what to buy and where you need to go.


10. Holiday Winter Christmas List Print ($15): Remember all the things you love about this time of year from the comfort of your office chair with this print. Your blood pressure will thank us.


11. Antler Woodland Mini Exercise Book ($3): Make taking minutes festive (it’s possible, trust us!) with this bear-turned-reindeer exercise book. Bonus: There is a robin with gold antlers on the back.


12. Threshold Tree Paper Box Advent Calendar ($30): Brighten up the traditional reds and greens with this gorgeously bright advent calendar that’s the perfect size for desk sitting. Grab one for your work bestie and make the December nine-to-five fabulous.


13. Home for the Holidays Coloring Book ($10): Ease some tension with this coloring book for adults. It’s made specifically to get you in the holiday mood.


14. Bright Desk Calendar ($56): Never miss a deadline again with this bright and festive calendar. It’s letterpress printed by hand on antique machinery and comes complete with a silver foil, polka dot-backing card.

How are you getting the office ready for the holiday? Share with us in the comments!