Whether you love your job or not, some days at the office are just long. In preparation for those days (and just because they are fun), we found 30 quirky, guaranteed-to-make-you-smile office supplies. There are animals galore, notepads that are a touch snarky, and of course a few great 90s throwbacks. What more could you want?

Grasshopper Stapler

1. Grasshopper Stapler ($18): Keep an eye on your co-workers, they might just help this little guy hop off your desk.

3-Piece Organization Kit

2. 3-Piece Desk Organization Kit ($24): If you want to go full force with your neon desk accessories, these acrylic organizers are for you.

Desk Egg Paperclip Nest

3. Desk Egg Paperclip Nest ($12): How cute is this magnetic egg that turns your paper clips into a nest? Such a smart way to keep them all organized.

Deskstructure Desk Organizer

4. Deskstructure Desk Organizer ($65): We think this desk set is perfect for urban planners, architects, and designers. You can choose between a cityscape or warehouse style buildings, then arrange and rearrange as you see fit.

Handy Manual Shredder

5. Handy Manual Shredder ($45): No need to get a noisy (and dangerous) shredder, this design-y hand-cranked one will look much better on (or under) your desk.

Animal Rhino Eraser

6. Animal Rhino Eraser ($11): You definitely need this bright red rhino eraser on your desk, especially since a portion of the sales go to the Center for Biological Diversity to help endangered species.

Archery Tacks

7. Archery Tack ($48 for 3): Okay, we know these are pricey, but they are so on target they just might be worth it!

Rubix Cube Pencil Holder

8. Rubix Cube Pencil Holder ($17): Add a little bit of of retro fun to your desk with this throwback pencil holder.

USB Utility

9. USB Utility Charge Tool ($24): One charger to rule them all. No matter your device, you can stay powered up with this pocket-knife inspired gadget.

Reset Button

10. Desk Bell Reset Button ($11): For those days when you just need to start over, get this reset button for your desk.

Emoticon Keyboard

11. Emoticon Keyboard Stickers ($8): Similar to our washi tape keyboard this sticker set is sure to brighten up your workspace in an instant.

While You Were Sticky

12. While You Were Sticky ($4): No longer just while you were out, this sticky note is a bit more honest. While you were cruising on the internet? Nailed it.

Animal Memo Holder

13. Animal Memo Holder ($29): They say elephants never forget, so it’s a good idea to have this organizer hold your bills, letters, and other important mail.

Tape Notes

14. Cassette Tape Sticky Notes ($5): Throwback alert! If you’re pining for the days of mix tapes (taped off the radio, no less), these sticky notes are for you. It’s not like they can make a Spotify playlist notepad, right?

Paperclip Lightening Bolt

15. Paperclip Lightening Bolts ($5): We imagine that these are the paper clips Harry Potter would have, if he didn’t fasten his parchments magically.

Fast Food Erasers

16. Fast Food Eraser Set ($4): Finally! Fast food you can feel good about. These mini erasers are the perfect way to fix those mistakes.

50/50 Pencils

17. 50/50 Pencils ($11): We love the fact that you’ll get double the shades with this colored pencil set! Our notebooks will never look the same again.

USB Tulip Hub

18. USB Tulip Hub ($24): Finally! A way to keep flowers on your desk that will never wilt. Oh, and they’ll also charge your gadgets.

Importance Task Clips

19. Importance Task Clips ($9): Organize your files so you know at a glance what’s important and what can wait.

Camera Sharpener

20. Camera Pencil Sharpener ($12): Photography buffs (analog or digital) will appreciate this pencil sharpener modeled after a vintage camera.

Workspace Bunny

21. Workspace Bunny ($32): We love that the scissors are this adorable bunny’s ears. You need him on your desk, now. Hop to it!

Big Eraser

22. Really Big Eraser ($4): For jumbo mistakes, this jumbo eraser is essential.

Date Blocks Calendar

23. Dateblocks Calendar ($71) You’ll be able to use this calendar…forever. Just switch the blocks each day when you arrive at the office.

Better Together Note Pouch

24. Better Together Note Pouch ($49): If you need to take your office on the go, this is the perfect accessory for you. It will fit your laptop, notepads, iPad, pens, and more.

Teeth Pushpins

25. Wisdom Tooth Push Pins ($5): While we imagine they’d be best suited for the bulletin board in a dentist’s office, we can see these molars being a quirky addition to any office space.

Office Citation

26. Office Citation Notes ($4.50): All offices need a little good natured ribbing. Call out your co-workers with this office citation notepad. We’ll also be ordering the parking citation version.

Sticky Tab Dividers

27. Sticky Tab Dividers ($8): Label different sections of your notebooks with these sticky tabs. Just think of it as color blocking your notes.

Write It Down Block

28. Write it Down Block ($14): This is the notepad for paper lovers. You’ll get five different kinds to choose from in just one block.

Large Monthly Planner

29. Large Monthly Planner ($11): If you need to write out your schedule, try this monthly planner notebook. We love that it’s a blank canvas that you can start anytime you want.

Giving Tree Notes

30. The Giving Tree Sticky Note Set ($11): While you won’t be able to tell how many notes you have left by counting the rings, you’ll be able to tell as your tree stump slowly gets shorter.

Which of these office supplies will end up on your desk? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to show us your desk!