The baby shower has come and gone, and you鈥檝e gifted your BFF with onesies galore, tear-free bath products, and enough teeny-tiny little hooded towels to last into the toddler years. Now the baby is here, and you need a gift for the new mama. Not just any gift 鈥 a holiday present. It鈥檚 time to put the new mom in the spotlight to brighten up her season. What could be better than presents that will make her life easier?

1. Philosophy Fresh Cream & Mint Glazed Body Souffl茅 ($22): It鈥檚 winter, which means mama鈥檚 stretched-out skin is dryer than dry. Not only does this superbly scented moisturizer meld a wake-you-up minty fragrance with 鈥渇resh cream鈥 (it smells vanilla-y), but it also smooths out rough skin. And forget about those gunky, oily creams that will get all over everything: This one is lightweight and sinks right in.

2. Ugg Aira Knit Slippers ($110): These UGG slippers are perfect for those cold mornings. The wool lining will keep feet warm and cozy, and that鈥檚 what the new mom needs right now. Whether she鈥檚 up at 2am to feed the baby or hanging with the kiddo on a lazy Sunday afternoon, these slip-ons will be totally welcome.

3. Mouth Foods Java Junkie ($74): Gone are the days of sleeping in until noon. Now that your friend is a mom, she鈥檚 up all night. And then again at 5am. And in the middle of what was supposed to be her afternoon nap. Coffee has gone from something she wants to something she needs. This gorgeous gift box includes DIY cold brew kits, Sumatra Aceh coffee, chocolate espresso cookies, and even a yummy white chocolate & coffee bar.

4. Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Dimmer Lamp ($50): The blinding electric glow of regular bulbs just won鈥檛 cut it when it comes to the middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Any new mommy will seriously appreciate the soft light from this lamp. Oh, and then there鈥檚 the holistic health benefits 鈥 the warmed lamp supposedly enhances ionic balance.

5. Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler ($24): Coffee may be the name of the game when it comes to new mommying. But sometimes your BFF just needs a mental break. A warm cup of tea on a chilly winter night can definitely help with that.

6. Dria All-in-One Nursing Cover ($80): It鈥檚 a poncho. It鈥檚 a nursing cover-up. And it鈥檚 a car seat/stroller cover. All of these things and wrinkle-free too? Your new mama friend will thank you for this amazingly useful gift.

7. Pure Cashmere Throw ($270): She has dozens of baby blankets, but mom is cold too. She sees her baby snuggling in the fluffy softness of their blankie and thinks, 鈥淲hat about me?鈥 Indulge your friend with this super-soft blanket. It鈥檚 a wintertime treat that will keep her warm from her head to her feet!

8. Leader聽Bag Julien Leather Set ($295): Who says a diaper bag has to look like one? The Julien backpack comes with stroller straps, a leather clutch, and a changing mat, and it has enough compartments to hold all of your friend and her baby鈥檚 things. Plus its modern style makes it the ideal everyday bag, whether she鈥檚 toting around a tot or not.

9. Netflix ($8/month): Gift your BFF mama friend with a few months of Netflix. With a newborn setting the schedule, she doesn鈥檛 have time to watch her fave shows when they鈥檙e actually on. But she might just get a three-hour stretch while baby naps to binge-watch her guilty little TV pleasure.

10. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo ($31): Between feedings, diaper changes, and everything else your new mom friend is doing, showers have kind of become things of the past. But that doesn鈥檛 mean she doesn鈥檛 need a little boost now and then. Instead of a full-on hair wash, dry shampoo adds body and beauty without also adding too much time onto her daily schedule.

11. OtterBox Defender iPhone Case ($99): Your friend is so not a techie, but she鈥檒l still totally enjoy this holiday gift. When trying to juggle a baby, a diaper bag, pumping gear, and a car seat while texting means her brand-new iPhone takes an inevitable dive, this case goes the extra mile to keep it safe. One less thing to stress about is always welcome.

12. Mom Time Delivered Subscription Box ($30+/month): It might be hard for a new mom to think of herself, so this monthly subscription box is a friendly reminder to take some 鈥渕e time.鈥 Each box is curated with products from small business mom vendors and includes things like spa items, artisanal treats, and hand-picked gifts.

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