The recipes are ready, the eggnog can’t wait to be poured and the decor is all set. You pretty much have hosting a party down to a science, but need a pick-me-up on the details and that’s what we are here for. Check out a few creative ideas to make the place cards be the talk of the party. Everyone will be so in awe, they won’t care who is next to them!

1. Nutcracker Place Card Holders: No Christmas is ever complete without the Nutcracker! This gorgeous set will be adored by kids and grownups. Just glue a clip or a little hanger and voila. (via My Material Life)

2. Wine Cork Place Card Holders: These holders will make any table pop and are perfect for the wine lovers. Don’t have enough time to make them them? Just buy them here. (via Pop Sugar Home)

3. Logs Place Card Holders: If you have access to branches and a couple of tools, this is a beautiful way to display names. They are also great for Fall/Winter weddings and other seasonal affairs. (via Sarah Drake Design)

4. Musical Place Card Holders: Anyone with an artistic touch will love these little pots, which can be pretty much filled with anything. Use a succulent, candy or even paper. Oh yeah, and cute are the little mini-clothes pin? (via Armelle Blog)

5. Bottle Brush Tree Place Card Holders: Totally digging the playful way of this place card holder. All you need is a little van, some string, and a plastic tree from any craft store. (via Decor and the Dog)

6. Glitter Tape Place Cards: These glitter tape place cards are super quick and easy to make and will add a touch of sparkle and elegance to any holiday table. (via Homework)

7. Tiny Trees Place Card Holders: Grab some garland, stick it into wine and champagne corks and there you have some fantastic and whimsical place card holders. (via Recyclart)

8. Hanging Stockings Place Card Holders: Perfect for that cookie party! Add some marshmallows, a cup of hot cocoa, and everyone will get cozied up in no time. (via The Barefoot Baker)

10. Finger Puppets Place Card Holders: These darling reindeers are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! This is a super easy DIY as any stuffed animal ornament will work and all that’s needed is a wooden stand. Oh yeah and as a bonus, this will most likely keep the kiddos busy and distracted. (via Whisker Graphics)

10. Clothes Pin Place Card Holders: The rustic feel of this decor and it’s super quick and easy to create. Whats needed? Simply some clips, good cardboard, a little bit of birch, and, of course, impeccable penmanship. (via The Blissful Bee)

There you go! Now all you got to do is set that table and you are ready to party. What are other fun place card holder ideas you guys have in stock this season?