During the holidays, some people get snowblind from the shine of light hitting freshly fallen snow. Others, however, get an eye ache from the glitz, the main offenders being the sparkly embellishments on what seems like every garment currently in stores — and now in your closet. It can be a trial figuring out how to wear these statement pieces you only pull out once a year, which is why we turned to our holiday party muse Lauren Conrad for definitive seasonal styling tips. Whether you need to go from baker to white elephant hostess in seconds or are wondering how much glam is too much glam to rock at the office fete your company reeeeally splurged on, (spoiler alert: there’s never too much glam), Lauren’s got the style hack to make you party-ready. Skip the sequins stare down with these 8 LC-approved ways to get ready this holiday.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metallics: There’s no rule saying that just because you splurged on metallic shoes you can’t wear something just as shiny on top. LC shows just how great mixing metallics can look when you stick to a color story. Look like a bronzed beauty in copper and rose gold (those shoes!!), channel your inner Elsa in frosty blue and silver, or look like a snow angel in yellow gold and ice white. (via Who What Wear)

2. Jeans *Can* Be a Last-Minute Option: You prepped for your party in your go-to pair of jeans, and somewhere in between sprinkling confetti across the table and frosting your famous sugar cookies you completely lost track of the time. With guests arriving in 3, 2, 1… there’s *still* a way to look fabulously festive. Your last-minute sartorial weapons of choice: glitzy party pumps and a statement coverup — choose a blazer to look polished in an instant or a kimono if you’re staying toasty by the fire, just be sure to back away from the cardi. (via Who What Wear)

3. Indulge Your Inner #CozyGirl: No matter how dolled up you get this winter, there’s no getting around the weather outside (it’s frightful). Luckily, you’ve got your inner #cozygirl to steer you toward indulging in all things sunggly, even when you’re dressed to the nines. A long-line cardigan would look slick over silky wide-legged trousers, a blanket coat can transform your last-minute shopping trip outfit like that and a colorful faux fur coat will add drama to any LBD. (via Who What Wear)

4. A Fuzzy Sweater Is the New Party Top: Skip the tanks and crop tops. This holiday season, you can look all kinds of cute and stay warm in a fitted fuzzy sweater. Consider it your new go-to top for everything from flirty tulle skirts and voluminous midis to posh cigarette pants and statement-making palazzos. Complete the look with a messy updo that mimics your eyelash knit. (via Kohls)

5. Always Keep an LBD at the Ready: Your bestie told you this would be a causal Christmas party, but when you step through the door in joggers and a tee, you notice everyone’s rocking a party dress. Save the #epicfail for another day when you’ve got your wrinkle-free LBD at the ready, that lifesaver you *should* keep rolled up in your carryall in case back-home festivities turn festive. Plan to make the transition as smooth as possible by making sure your holiday mani is flawless, that you always have lip gloss on hand, and by toting along a pair of party-ready flats to slip into the second those snow boots come off (no socks required, no blisters to dodge). (via Kohls)

6. It’s Okay to Be A Sucker for Sequins: If you’re waiting for a green light to splurge on clothing that sparkles this holiday season, consider this it. Just know there’s no such thing as too much glitz on any given garment, so save pieces that only glimmer for your everyday wear and take this opportunity to say “yes” to those drenched in glitter and sequins. Once you’re zipped into the shiny stunners, make matte makeup your beauty go-to regardless if you’re keeping it fresh with a peachy lip or turning it up with a plum pout. (via The Fashion Foot)

7. DIY Accessories Are a Must (And Not Just for Gifts): When chilly weather takes a turn for the worse, don’t trek through the slush to re-up on your supply of stay-warm accessories. Instead, pick up those needles and get to knitting! Really, there might not be a better way to pass the time you’re snowed in than by brushing up on your DIY skills. Plus, the outcome could be as adorable as this cat-ear hat. ‘Nuff said. (via Instagram)

8. Don’t Be the Only One Beaming With Holiday Cheer: Now that you’re fully prepped for holiday dress success, turn your sartorial focus on your pets, because of course. Start brainstorming festive accessories now just in time to snap a last-minute greeting card or outfit your furry friends in new duds on Christmas morning so they can share in the excitement of wearing something new with you. (via Instagram)

What holiday styling tips do you swear by? Tell us about your party-ready style hacks in the comments below.