The holidays are here, and you know what that means? Holiday parties! We’ve armed you with party dresses, party jumpsuits, and holiday nail art ideas, but now it’s time to bring the holiday style party up top. We’ve created three holiday-ready hairstyles that you can adorn with leaves, feathers, and branches, oh my! Follow the tutorials below to see how each of them are done. We’ll also show you how to set your hair to prep it for just about any updo!

First, here are six steps to set an updo that will make every hairstyle easier to create.

1. Take the first section of hair from behind the ear to the front of your face.

2. Use Kenra 25  as a setting spray.

3. Curl with a big wand and pin in place with a duck bill or pin curl pin.

4. Continue this process until all of your hair is up in curls.

5. Let it set for 5 minutes to let the heat cool. This allows your curls to have maximum bounce and hold.

6. Pull out the pins and get ready to style!

This first look is a take on the classic updo, made way more simple. For a finishing touch, we adorned the crown of Cecelia’s head with a silver leaf necklace.

1. Let your pin curls set for 5 minutes.

2. Pull out the pins and run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls.

3. Backcomb and smooth over the crown of your hair to add volume and shape.

4. Start by pinning the top section of your hair into a half up half down style.

5. Take the remaining portion of the hair and twist it into a pony.

6. Roll up the pony into a twisted knot style shape. Secure with bobby pins.

7. Add a pretty necklace or headband to make the updo more festive.

8. Smooth fly-aways with Tigi Bed Head Stick.

9. Get ready for your closeup!

Next up, this look comes straight from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, braids, branches, and all.

1. Start with pin curls, and take them out.

2. Backcomb to add volume.

3. Separate hair into three sections. Braid a small piece on top of each section.

4. Twist each section of hair including the braid.

5. Twist into a bun and pin.

6. Repeat with each section.

7. Add a branch or twig using bobby pins.

8. Pucker up!

9. We love this whimsical style.

Last, the fanciest one of the bunch, combining a classic updo with punk, boho, and modern style elements.

1. Backcomb the top section to create a pomp.

2. Create the pomp and secure with bobby pins.

3. Take the hair from the section you just pinned and backcomb it to give it some more volume. Smooth with Tigi Bed Head Stick.

4. Twist the hair to create another pomp-like bun.

5. Pin in place.

6. Take the remaining hair and twist into a ponytail until it rolls up onto itself, creating a twisted bun-like shape.

7. Pin that bun!

8. Add a feather headpiece to make this look even more formal.

9. C’est magnifique!

Which of these holiday updos is your favorite? What other hair tutorials would you like to see on Brit + Co? Talk to us in the comments below.