For some people, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the beverages, whether it’s a Guinness cocktail or a healthy-ishgreen drink. But the rest of us know that the best part of celebrating Irish culture is the food. You can opt for cutesy St. Patrick’s Day recipes, sure, but the tastiest Irish food is hearty, simple fare. Not only are Irish breads wholesome and delicious, but they’re easy to make too — most of them are yeast-free, taking some of the planning and pain out of your usual bread-baking antics. These 22 Irish bread recipes will make you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all year round.


1. Irish Cheddar and Bacon Soda Bread: When bread is loaded with this much goodness, it doesn’t need any extras. Oozing with cheddar cheese and flecked with bacon, this Irish soda bread is a meal in itself. (via Lea & Jay)


2. Irish Potato Bread: Potatoes keep these rolls extra fluffy and moist. Mashed and grated potatoes are added to the cheese and chive-enriched dough to give it an unbeatable texture. (via This Grandma Is Fun)


3. Cheddar Soda Bread: Even plain soda bread is delicious, but sometimes you want an extra-tasty treat. This recipe adds cheddar to the dough, giving it a robust, tangy, cheesy flavor. (via Imagelicious)


4. Irish Stout and Cheddar Biscuits: One bite of these biscuits and you’ll never buy the kind that comes in a can again. They’re flavored with Irish stout, cheddar, and tangy Dijon mustard, to make for a side that will steal the show from whatever entree it’s served with. (via Coley Cooks)


5. Hidden Shamrock Irish Soda Bread: If you want to surprise your St. Patrick’s Day party guests, try out this recipe. Each slice of bread reveals a hidden green shamrock baked within. (via ImPeckableEats)


6. Sour Cream Irish Soda Bread: The last thing you want is for your homemade bread to be dry. Sour cream ensures that this soda bread comes out moist every time. (via Delightful)


7. Skillet Irish Soda Bread: Thanks to a cast iron skillet, this version gets nice and crusty on the outside, but stays moist and tender within. It’s flecked with raisins so each bite has a little something sweet to keep you going. (via Bijoux and Bits)


8. Irish Soda Farls: Tender and flaky, these soda farls are like Ireland’s answer to biscuits. Serve them with tea or to sop up a hearty beef stew. (via Tara’s Multicultural Table)


9. Guinness Beer Bread: Guinness gives a rich flavor to this brown bread. It’s made with brown sugar too, which lends a gorgeous golden color when it comes out of the oven. (via Platings and Pairings)


10. Stilton and Walnut Soda Bread: Soda bread gets a bold makeover with this recipe. It’s loaded with stilton and walnuts, for a loaf that’s great on its own or served with fig jam and prosciutto. (via Em n Zest)


11. Super Cheesy Skillet Irish Soda Bread: This bread isn’t just filled with cheddar cheese. It’s also topped with it, so each slice has an extra dose of gooey, melted cheddar. (via Hungry Couple NYC)


12. Seeded Irish Brown Bread: A sturdy Irish brown bread is just the thing when you’re craving a hearty breakfast. Filled with nourishing seeds, it’s best served alongside a strong cup of tea. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)


13. Irish Soda Bread With Garlic Chives: Garlic chives are the best way to give this loaf of bread a pronounced flavor. It’s piquant but not overpowering, and begs for a thick slice of cheddar. (via Garlic Matters)


14. Rye Irish Soda Bread: Irish breads are known for their use of whole grains, and this hearty loaf is no exception. Rye gives it exceptional flavor and color that you just can’t get in a supermarket loaf. (via My Ginger Garlic Kitchen)


15. Irish Barmbrack: The secret to this Irish bread is the fruit. It’s soaked in tea so it stays moist even after baking. (via PicNic)


16. Almond, Raisin, and Basil Soda Bread: Irish bread undergoes a fusion makeover in this recipe. The addition of almonds and basil makes it worthy of tapenade, taleggio, and *all* of your Mediterranean favorites. (via The Whinery)


17. Pumpkin Oatmeal Soda Bread Rolls: Have one for breakfast, or serve with soup — either way, you’ll love these pumpkin oatmeal soda bread rolls. They’re even vegan, so the whole family can enjoy the fruits of your labor. (via The Breakfast Drama Queen)


18. Irish Stout Bread: There’s only one way to make a thick slice of Irish stout bread even better. Slather it with an ample amount of rich Irish butter. (via The Every Kitchen)


19. Vegan Browned Butter Irish Soda Bread: This soda bread has an extra-nutty flavor thanks to the vegan browned butter used in this recipe. (via The Veg Life)


20. Green Irish Soda Bread: This verdant loaf will really give you something to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s colored with fresh spinach, so you can feel extra-virtuous while eating it (even if you’re washing it down with a pint or two). (via Lands and Flavors)


21. Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread Scones: Scones with tea is one of the best pairings of all time. Made gluten-free and dotted with dried fruit, these soda bread scones go with your cuppa any time of day. (via Our Four Forks)


22. Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread: Made gluten-free, this classic Irish soda bread can be enjoyed by anyone. It has a classic hearty flavor and is dotted with raisins that give each bite a burst of sweetness. (via Strength and Sunshine)

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