While the days of the local drugstore fountain may be a distant memory, the soda jerk spirit is certainly alive and seeing a resurgence within the craft soda movement. And we’ve found 18 lining shelves from coast to coast!

Crack open a bottle for your next ice cream float or simply sip away on a float, either way, you can’t go wrong! Are you inspired to undertake some booze-free mixology of your own? Give these sip-worthy soda recipes a try, stat.

1. Vignette Wine Country Soda Sampler ($30): Booze-free, these sodas are flavored with an array of grape varietals and are a far cry from the purple grape soda we grew up with.

2. Q Drinks Variety Pack ($48): For Q Drinks, it all started with the tonic. Now, they’ve branched out into a high-quality line of sodas that work just as well sipped solo as in a top-shelf cocktail.

3. DRY Soda Multi Pack ($32): Like with wine, dry means less sweet. These low-sugar, artificial-sweetener-free sips come in an array of focused flavors. Next time you’re in Seattle, visit their tasting room!

4. Bibbs Sparkling Blackberry Lime Soda, 24 Pack ($42): Inspired by Block Island, Rhode Island’s native blackberries, this line of sodas is a thirst-quenching reminder of slow, steamy summer afternoons.

5. Spindrift Sparkling Soda Variety Half Case ($32): You can taste the attention to freshness in these sodas. Each contains a delightfully surprising amount of real fruit juice. No artificial flavors here!

6. Jones Soda Co. ($12 – $19): Jones may be better known for their occasionally wacky-flavored brews (poutine, anyone?), but they also carry more conventional flavors — cola, cream, root beer — made without corn syrup. For those looking for a more personalized experience, you can even create custom labels!

7. Maine Root Variety Pack ($26): These handcrafted sodas use organic fair-trade sugar, perfect for socially conscious sipping.

8. Fentimans Soda Sampler Pack ($13): Botanically brewed using the finest natural ingredients, these sodas haven’t changed all that much during their 100+ years in production.

9. Obamagranate Pressed Pomegranate Soda (12 Bottles) ($36): If pomegranate soda with a side of politics isn’t for you, stay tuned for Pop Culture’s soon-to-be-released varieties: grapefruit and ginger-pear.

10. Thomas Kemper Root Beer 24-pack ($48): Sweetened with cane sugar and Northwest honey, this smooth-yet-rich root beer is the perfect pour for your next float.

11. P&H Soda Co. Classic Syrup 4-pack ($40): Want to do it yourself? Custom handcrafted soda is a syrup purchase away!

12. SIP Soda Party Pack ($36): Thankfully, these three flavors — lavender lemon peel, coriander 0range, and rosemary lime — come in at only 25 calories. Pretty sure we’d have a hard time trying just one!

13. Hotlips Soda Mixed 6-pack ($13): Celebrating locally sourced Pacific Northwest produce, each bottle may vary in flavor, but never fails to deliver a touch of fizz and pulp.

14. Hibiscus, Clove, Cinnamon Hand Crafted Soda ($10): Reach for this fantastic flavor combo during the fall and winter months. Care to spike things up? Just add rum!

15. JOIA All Natural Soda Mixed Case ($20): Go beyond the usual soda suspects with these tantalizing, multidimensional beverages!

16. DIY Ginger Beer & Sarsaparilla Kit ($50): Some sodas require a little fermentation action to get their flavors right. Experiment at home with this craft soda kit!

17. GuS 24-pack ($45): These Grown-up Sodas (GuS, get it?) are never cloying, perfect for those who find conventional sodas too sweet.

18. Rosemary Drinkwell Softer with Probiotics ($4): Probiotics plus champagne-esque bubbles? Sorry, yogurt. There’s a new probiotic delivery system in town.

Did we miss any craft sodas from your neck of the woods? Let us know in the comments!