Queen [Teacher] Bey has spoken: it’s officially back to school season and we’re gearing up for it with Beyoncé’s latest release — school supplies. Whether you’re a student in high school, college, grad school or simply want to take your cubicle or home office desk to Sasha Fierce levels of greatness, there’s something for you in her, ahem, #flawless collection.

The Back to School Bundle ($75) is available on Beyoncé’s website and comes complete with a Beyoncé t-shirt, #wokeuplikedis locker (or dorm room/cubicle) poster featuring Bey in a basic white tee, two tote bags, a pencil pouch, composition book and plenty of pencils. If you’re not a student, you can easily use the “Flawless” pencil pouch as a kit for your makeup essentials to throw in your purse. And the two tote bags, one labeled “Mine” and the other “Beyoncé,” can be carry-alls for textbooks, magazines, DIY supplies or groceries. As for the “Mine” composition book, we’re planning on jotting down plenty of to-do lists, crafting ideas, recipes and grocery lists. And songs, of course.

Just in case you wanted a closer look at these Yoncé’fied pencils, there’s one for every song off the latest album. We will personally be using SUPERPOWER to cross things off of our to-do lists while we #runtheworld and jam out to all of our Beyoncé playlists, natch.

Obviously to officially “school life,” you need to stash all those goodies in something equally stylish. Luckily for you, the Limited Edition BeyGOOD X STATE Union backpack ($125) is here featuring a 15-inch padded laptop sleeve + tons of organizers and pockets fit for a #grownwoman. And don’t forget that embroidered #BeyGOOD patch.

Besides looking good, the BeyGOOD team is doing good, by teaming up with State for the #BeyGOOD x STATE GIVEBACKPACK Program. On August 18th, they will be giving out backpacks and supplies to students in Charlotte, Baltimore, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Newark, and NYC. And we hope if any lucky school gets a Bey-sighting, it will all go down similar to the video above.

Would you buy Beyoncé’s back to school supply set? What are your favorite school/office supplies? Leave us a comment below!

(h/t Marie Claire)