Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Sheep is officially here, and it’s time to party for the next two weeks. We know you’ve got your menu down by now, but don’t let all that food distract you from your decor game. From lanterns to festive firecrackers, here’s how to bring some luck and prosperity to your Chinese New Year party.


1. Red Envelopes ($3): If there’s one thing we look forward to every Chinese New Year, it’s the hongbaos (aka red envelopes). Only kids, singles and parents get them (sorry, married folks), but it’s your party and you can do what you want. Fill red envelopes with one to five dollars (preferably new bills), string them up as decor for the night and then tell your guests to grab one before they head out. Make sure they say, “Gong Hei Fat Choi,” or no red envelope for them!


2. Paper Cutting ($75): Fill your walls with different designs of your choice. If you don’t want to splurge on these handmade designs, you can turn this into a fun activity for everyone to do at your party — you could even make a contest out of it. The most popular paper cutting design is the Chinese character, “Fu,” which means fortune or good luck. It’s traditionally hung upside down to signify that fortune has arrived.


3. Paper Pineapples: This might sound like a weird decoration to have at a party, but trust us on this one. Pineapples represent future prosperity and good luck, so try this paper pineapple DIY and scatter these babies all over your tablescape. (via Jenny W. Chan)


4. Gold Ingots ($48): Bring on the bling. Stack these guys up as a centerpiece for your dining table. After all, who doesn’t want to look at shiny gold blocks while they eat?


5. Chinese Firecrackers: Make some firecrackers out of red construction paper and string them together with twine. You can hang them outside or on your door knobs. The sound of a firecracker is meant to scare away bad luck, but in case you don’t have real ones, there’s an app for that. (via Hai Fang)


6. Dip-Dyed Chopsticks: Switch out those takeout chopsticks for these nifty DIY ones. Use red paint to make them look even more festive. (via Penelope and Pip)


7. Tassel Branch: Red is the color for Chinese New Year. Try this simple branch decor to bring a pop of color to your walls. (via Sam Is Home)


8. Paper Lanterns ($5): The 15th day of Chinese New Year is the Lantern Festival, where everyone… well, hangs lanterns! Try putting up these bright red cheerful ones.

How are you celebrating the Year of the Sheep? Let us know in the comments below!