We sure can’t get enough gorgeous winter citrus, but vitamin C isn’t the only benefit. Oranges, tangerines, clementines, kumquats and pomelos are all considered lucky come Chinese New Year. We’ve hand-picked 20 recipes that are a terrific way to celebrate both the fruits themselves and the holiday at the same time. Now that’s one tasty way to multitask!

1. Lime Curd Tarts With Kumquats: The coupling of orangey kumquats and lime yields a delicious spin on the classic key lime pie. (via Simone’s Kitchen)

Lime Curd Tarts With Kumquats

2. Asian Ramen Noodle Salad: Transform this crunchy, sweet-savory salad into a meal by adding a few shreds of chicken to the mix. (via Little Spice Jar)

Asian Ramen Noodle Salad

3. Pink Pomelo and Rose Tarts With Honey Meringue: These pomelo and rose tarts bring a romantic feeling to the table in a big way. Enjoy the combo of fluffy honey-sweetened meringue and creamy, tart curd followed by a buttery crust all in one bite. (via Butter and Brioche)

Pink Pomelo and Rose Tarts With Honey Meringue

4. Fresh Orange Muffins: Brighten up your mornings by baking up a batch of these muffins the night before; they’ll start your day off on the right foot. (via At the Corner of Happy and Harried)

Fresh Orange Muffins

5. Slow Cooker Sesame Orange Chicken: This takeout fake-out is a breeze to make during the week. Pop everything in your slow cooker, set it on low, and five hours later it’s good to go. (via Wicked Spatula)

Slow Cooker Sesame Orange Chicken

6. Clementine Ice Cream: A touch of orange liqueur brings out the flavor of the fresh clementine juice churned into this rich ice cream. It takes eight yolks, but we have plenty of ideas to keep the whites from going to waste. (via Savory Simple)

Clementine Ice Cream

7. Pineapple + Tangerine Whiskey Vermouth: A combo of tangerine and pineapple juice enlivens this bourbon punch to make a sip perfect for year-round quaffing. (via Swooned)

Pineapple + Tangerine Whiskey Vermouth

8. Flourless Clementine Cake (Gluten-Free): Scented with orange, this almond flour cake makes a terrific breakfast or afternoon tea treat. (via No Thyme to Waste)

Flourless Clementine Cake

9. Baked Brie With Prosciutto and Kumquats: Cut into the crisp puff pastry shell to reveal an oozing round of brie topped with kumquats, cranberries and prosciutto. This is definitely worthy of an invite to your next party. (via See Salt)

Baked Brie With Prosciutto and Kumquats

10. Chocolate-Dipped Clementines With Pistachios: A dip in dark chocolate and sprinkle of pistachios is an easy way to upgrade clementine slices. (via 80Twenty)

Chocolate-Dipped Clementines With Pistachios

11. Spiced Tangerine Tart: Ginger and cardamom accent the citrus flavor perfectly in this tangy tart. (via Savory Nothings)

Spiced Tangerine Tart

12. Celebration Pomelo + Noodle Salad: Double down on your luck this Chinese New Year with this pairing of noodles and pomelo. Served chilled, it’s even a terrific make-ahead meal for lunch, dinner, you name it. (via Happy Hearted Kitchen)

Celebration Pomelo + Noodle Salad

13. Honey Tangerine Buffalo Chicken Wings With Yogurt Ranch Dip: These wings taste so much richer than they actually are. They skip the dip, the fryer and the usual fatty dressing, opting for the broiler and a fat-free, yogurt-based ranch. (via ChefDeHome)

Honey Tangerine Buffalo Chicken Wings

14. Jack + Jill: Shake up this clementine gin cocktail and the first sip will transport you somewhere sunny and warm. (via One Martini)

Jack + Jill

15. Simple Wintry Salad: Brighten up your next kale salad with persimmons, pomegranate seeds, kumquats and an orangey vinaigrette. (via Nutrition Stripped)

Simple Wintry Salad

16. Candied Pomelo Rind: Don’t toss that bitter pomelo rind! Transform it into this sweet-tart candy instead. (via Munchin with Munchkin)

Candied Pomelo Rind

17. Peking Duck Breast With Clementine + Spices: Working with duck breasts is *so* much easier than grilling the whole bird. This combo of fatty meat along with the tang of a sweet, spiced sauce will make mouths water. (via Cuisine Addict)

Peking Duck Breast With Clementine + Spices

18. Raw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges: Reminiscent of those chocolate oranges that break apart into segments once smashed, this mousse is perfect for when you’re in the mood for something fluffier. (via Happy Hearted Kitchen)

Raw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges

19. Baked Mahi Mahi With Clementines: Mild-flavored mahi mahi is a great choice for this healthy dish. Stuff leftovers into tortillas along with salsa and slaw to make some righteous tacos. (via Army Wife to Suburban Life)

Baked Mahi Mahi With Clementines

20. Vanilla Pound Cake With Kumquat-Thyme Marmalade: Even if pound cake isn’t your style, the marmalade alone is worth throwing together. It will elevate toast, scones, waffles and so much more. (via Salt + Wind)

Vanilla Poundcake With Kumquat-Thyme Marmalade

Share your favorite citrus recipes with us below!