There are few #FirstWorldProblems more frustrating than losing your phone — and if it’s on silent, you can probably give up hope of ever seeing your beloved device again. Until now. We just learned an awesome life hack to turn your tech into unexpected tools when you’re playing hide and go seek with your phone.

Young woman searching in her purse

If your phone is on silent, grab somebody else’s phone and start calling. Now grab a wireless speaker or one with a very long cord and start playing some music. When you get close to your phone, the speaker will start making weird noises. The closer you get to your phone and the incoming call, the more weird the noises from the speaker should be. It’s basically your speaker’s way of telling you when you’re getting warmer or colder when looking for your phone. Walk around a bit, keep calling and the speaker’s weird noises should lead you directly to your phone. Ta daaaaaa!


Of course, if you happen to have an iPhone, you can just always keep the “Find My iPhone” feature on and will lead you right back to your lost tech. Other ways to find your phone include downloading the Trackr app (free on iOS) on your phone and syncing it up to your Amazon Echo. When you can’t find your phone, you can ask Alexa to help ring your phone.

Never lose your phone again!

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