Can we say thank you to The Sleep Matters Club for creating this morning cheat sheet? Bringing a little (or a lot) more self awareness to our mornings and starting off our morning on the right foot is so important. It sets the tone for the entire day. So, when we read that 42% of people feel like the biggest worry is being in a rush, we couldn’t wait to share these tips about how to make your morning — and hence your life — better. Knowledge is power.

So, take a look at where the average parent is spending their time, and you can analyze how your morning routine is the same or different. If you’re spending 11 minutes in the morning helping with homework, maybe you can switch that over to a night-time chore. Help lay out those super cute kids’ clothes the night before, so you can all have a smoother morning and more time to enjoy your coffee and those sweet, sleepy little eyes. Oh, and can we say, we love the bathroom schedule idea — love it — 20 sweet minutes all to yourself in the morning to do as your heart desires. We’re drafting ours right now.

We know mornings can be stressful, but we hope you’ve found some tips to help you get your day started on the right foot. Tell us your biggest morning woe in the comments below.