Making your bed is probably one of the first housekeeping skills you learned as a kid (and then promptly avoided as much as possible). But what if we told you you’ve actually been doing it wrong this whole time? Missy Tannen, co-founder and executive creative director of bedding company Boll & Branch, shares her time-saving (and sanity-saving) tips that will take your routine from a necessary nuisance to a morning ritual that’s — dare we say it? — actually enjoyable.

1. Stop ironing every sheet and pillow. Many purists insist on ironing to achieve the photo-ready bed, but you’re allowed to cut corners. “Instead of ironing the entire sheet, iron just the pillowcases and top 18″ of the flat sheet,” says Tannen. Or, take it a step further with this ingenious hack. Our visual merchandise manager swears by keeping a separate hair straighter and just running it along the edge of the flat sheet for the ultimate time saver.” Um, brilliant.

2. Fold sheets now to save time later. While it might be tempting to fold your sheets any which way before placing them in your linen closet, having a strategic approach will make the whole process of putting them on your bed easier. “Fold [your sheets] in half vertically when storing,” Tannen suggests. “When making the bed, line up this vertical line right down the center and then unfold the top layer across the bed for perfect symmetry.” No more running from side to side, tugging an inch here and there to create an even balance.

3. Ditch that tangle-prone flat sheet. This may seem like heresy to some, but many are getting rid of that somewhat-extraneous flat sheet. “It’s not just the Europeans,” says Tannen. “Twenty-three percent of Boll & Branch team members skip the flat sheet and sleep with only their duvet.” Not only will you never find yourself tangled up again when tossing and turning, but it shaves precious minutes off your bed-making process.

4. Do the pillow-flip. Yep, you’ve even been putting pillowcases on wrong too. Tannen suggests first turning the pillowcase inside out to start. “Put your hand inside and grab the center of the bottom. At the same time, grab the middle of the end of the pillow… then easily pull the pillowcase over the pillow,” she says. The result? A perfectly centered pillow.

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(Images via Boll & Branch)