Here's the deal. Stop motion and time-lapse movies are awesome. Whether they make you think of claymation classics from holidays past or super stylized music videos from today, the simple movement of objects on a screen will always feel a little bit magical.

But, not all of us have fancy cameras, tripods, backdrops, lighting, and 500 hours to spend on creating a stop motion or time-lapse of our own. Until now. Ok, no we haven't come up with some ingenious way to steal a bunch of cameras, tripods, backdrops, and lighting, and we aren't suggesting time travel. All this stop motion film will take is your phone, a $5 tripod, and an app.

Frameographer makes the process of creating a beautiful, seamless stop motion films ridiculously easy. Download the app ($2.99 in the app store) and get ready to channel your inner Wes Anderson.

Time-lapse and stop motion movies are both created by taking a sequence of still images and playing them back at whatever speed you like. The app allows you to capture and export in HD quality, add a soundtrack to your movie from your iPhone's music library, and you can use the front or back camera.

We recommend grabbing an inexpensive phone tripod to make the process a wee bit easier. We grabbed this one for just $4 on Amazon. Then gather all of the objects you'll be using to create your masterpiece. We used two pieces of wood grain paper and 5 plastic dinosaurs.

Set up your phone on the tripod, fire up Frameographer, and capture as many frames as you like! Make edits, add music, and simply export to your camera roll and you're good to go.

See how easy it is to make dinosaurs dance on the ceiling!

Have you tried Frameographer or any other video apps on your iPhone? We'd love to check out your films! Leave us a link in the comments below, or send them our way on Twitter. We'll share the best of the best on our blog.