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Are you the type of person who goes to a ramen restaurant and always wants to order an extra egg? Or one who gets incredibly excited by a 63-degree egg where the inside is almost the perfect custard consistency? Well, for those of you who experience pure joy at the sight of #EggPorn but don鈥檛 have the patience to sous vide breakfast, this is the ultimate hack for making the perfect soft-boiled eggs every time鈥 without ever boiling them!

These eggs are seriously like magic, especially when topped with a little salt and pepper and served with a crusty piece of bread to dip in the gooey yolks. And the whole process takes no longer than seven minutes start to finish.

Instead of boiling your eggs, try steaming them. Fill a pan with about an inch of water, insert a steamer basket, and cover the pot until it鈥檚 nice and steamy. Then add your eggs and set that timer for exactly six minutes and 30 seconds.

Once the eggs are steamed, you鈥檒l want to quickly drop them into an ice bath to stop the cooking process. It not only helps the eggs to set, but makes them easier to peel as well.

And voil脿! The perfect soft-鈥渂oiled鈥 egg each and every time.

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(Photos via Nicole Iizuka)