While the weather is still nice outside and winter (ick) is but a faint memory, you want to slap on some SPF and spend almost all of your time lounging in the sun. You probably want to bring your handy dandy iPhone along too. After all, without it, you’d be lost — like, actually lost, as in “don’t know how to get there” lost. There’s just one problem. Your smartphone isn’t made for extreme temps. According to BGR, Apple has stated in its support docs that the iPhone is made to safely operate between the temperatures of 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

With summer temps soaring, you’ve likely experienced overheating issues. Not to worry — we’ve compiled some easy tips for how to chill out and stay connected in the heat.

1. Stop using it. This might be an obvious one, as your phone will freeze up when it overheats. Resist the urge to hit the home button or repeatedly tap on the screen. In this case, it won’t do any good.

2. Stow it somewhere out of direct sunlight.BGR suggests trying a cooler if there’s no risk of water damage. It’s probably easier to just hide it under your towel. We like this stylish one by Ruby Mint ($78).

3. Remove the case. When you’re hot, you take off your jacket. This is the same concept. Even if your case is adorable like this one by Casetify ($30), it only works as insulation for heat. Next time, pop it off until your phone completely de-heats.

4. Turn off Bluetooth. According to MacWorld, Bluetooth can rev up the temperature of your phone. Just swipe up to access Control Center on your phone and tap on the Bluetooth icon to turn the feature off.

5. Turn it off. All systems down is a good way to keep your phone from overworking itself in the heat. Sometimes, you need to let it cool off someplace shady before you power it back up again.

6. Don’t plug it in. Charging your phone will cause the battery to warm up. That’s the last thing you want in 100-degree weather. Before heading into the hot sun, make sure you’re operating with full power.

7. Don’t leave your phone in the car. In the hot sun, you car acts like a greenhouse by trapping in all the warmth with has no airflow to let off steam. Leaving your phone in this environment is like leaving it in an oven. Don’t do it!

Do you know any ways to keep your iPhone from overheating? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t BGR)