15 Easy Ways to Repurpose Wooden Crates
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15 Easy Ways to Repurpose Wooden Crates

We all love a good repurposing project. They make for thrifty options for revamping your space and adding rustic charm to your decor. Below, we gathered up lots of ideas for transforming the old wooden crate you just picked up at the flea market into functional pieces for your home. From creative furniture to clever storage solutions, get inspired and get repurposing.

1. Children’s Toy Box: How adorable is this charming alternative to the traditional toy box?! (via At Home In Love)

2. Desk: Simply stack and secure a few crates to your desired height, place your writing surface atop and viola — you have a desk! (via Desire to Inspire)

3. Throw Blanket + Pillow Storage: Stash extra throws in a couch-side crate. Keep it simple or spice it up with some pretty drawer pulls for extra flair. (via Home Depot)

4. Hanging Wall Shelf: A fresh spin on a wall shelf, this DIY project will display your trinkets beautifully. (via Brit + Co)

5. Night Stand: This easy bedside table is perfect for those of us on a tight decorating budget… and those of us who dig upcycled decor. (via Lark + Linen)

6. Coffee Table: This centerpiece provides a unique place to set your morning cup of joe and display your favorite books. (via Upcycle That)

7. Bookshelf: Stacking crates to form a simple shelving unit is the perfect (and quick) fix for a room short on storage or display space. (via Mom Prepares)

8. Mudroom Organizers: Adding a few crates near any doorway creates instant storage and organization. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Planter: No garden space? No worries! (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Bench: A trendy bench like this would be a cute and welcoming addition to any entryway. (via Cortney Davis)

11. Dessert Showcase: If you’re as in love with rustic themed weddings as we are, then you’ll love this simple idea for displaying your sweet treats. (via Style Me Pretty)

12. Kitchen Island: Though this piece is intended to add extra prep space and storage to your kitchen, we also think it would look fantastic in an outdoor kitchen. (via Bob Vila)

13. Bicycle Basket: Tote your fresh fruits and veggies home from the market in this adorable, repurposed crate attached to the back of your bike. Hello, eco-friendly! (via Field Guided)

14. Mini Bar: If you don’t have space for a full size bar, stash supplies for a few of your favorite drinks in a wall-hung crate. (via Apartment Therapy)

15. Wedding Favor Holder: Add some vintage flair to your special day by corralling treats for guests in an antique crate. (via Dandelion + Grey Floral Studio)

Which repurposing idea is your favorite? Do you know any other neat ways to reuse wooden crates? Let us know in the comments below!