In our new food series Foodie Fundamentals, we walk you through the basics on kitchen essentials like how to fry an egg and roast veggies in a snap.

Never sure how long to roast your veggies? Tend to toss everything together and then get frustrated when your broccoli and asparagus are all mushy and your potatoes are barely cooked? Same. Helpful gals that we are, we created a printable guide to make all of your roasted veggie dreams come true.

Inspired by a chart from our book Homemakers, this guide to roasting veggies is not only handy but also happens to be printable. With our printable templates, you can create wall art and a tea towel. Follow the easy steps below to see how to turn this guide into two perfect pieces of kitchen decor.


Veggie Roasting Guide



  • iron



1. For the wall art option, print out our 11 x 17-inch printable on high-quality paper. To add color, we layered a piece of patterned yellow fabric underneath our printed guide and framed it right up.


2. For the tea towel option, print out our 8 1/2 x 11-inch printable on iron-on transfer paper. Use an iron to iron it onto a white linen kitchen towel.


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(Photos and illustrations via Brit + Co)