Never sure how long to roast your veggies? Tend to toss everything together and then get frustrated when your broccoli and asparagus are all mushy and your potatoes are barely cooked? Us too, so, helpful gals that we are, we created a printable guide to make all your roasted veggie dreams come true.

Inspired by a chart from our upcoming book, Homemakers (pre-order it now!), this guide to roasting veggies is not only handy, but also happens to be printable. With our three printable templates, you can create fridge-ready postcards, wall art and a tea towel.



鈥 veggie roasting guide printable 鈥 download 11 x 17-inch here, 8 1/2 x 11-inch here and 3 x 5-inch postcard size here.

鈥 frame

鈥 tea towel

鈥 iron-on photo transfer paper


鈥 exacto knife

鈥 ruler


Follow the easy steps below to see how to turn this guide into three perfect pieces of kitchen decor.


For the wall art option, print out our 11 x 17-inch printable on high-uality paper. To add color, we layered a piece of patterned yellow fabric underneath our printed guide and framed it right up.


Next, the postcards. These would be fun to send out to friends who you know love to cook, want to learn or swear by their seasonal CSA. Our 3 x 5-inch postcard printable prints four postcards at a time.


Heyyyy girl.


Tack it up on the wall or your fridge and you鈥檒l be good to go.


Finally, we printed our 8 1/2 x 11-inch printable onto iron-on transfer paper to create a tea towel.


How handy is that?


Done and done! Be sure to pre-order Homemakers for over 1,000 tips and tricks for living more creatively, inside and outside the home.

Need a refresher on what our book is about? Here鈥檚 the 411, straight from the back cover:

The rules of homemaking have radically changed. Today鈥檚 generation is digitally connected 24/7 and often more focused on climbing the career ladder at the office than the stepladder at home.

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We can鈥檛 wait for you to see our book in person in just a few short weeks 鈥 Homemakers hits shelves on March 3. Woot woot!