Everyone. Listen TF up. You can SMOKE an avocado as a form of cooking it. According to Buzzfeed, it’s crazy and wonderful and totally transforms the flavor, opening the door to next-level recipe potential. The best part? It’s actually *easy* to do this in the comfort of your very own kitchen.


Here’s the deal: Chef Aaron London of San Francisco’s AL’s Place (named Best New Restaurant by Bon Appetit) is the man (bun) to thank for this ingenious innovation in food. You need to get wood chips for smoking (you can get ‘em on Amazon, y’all), a Dutch oven (Le Creuset, anyone?) with a lid and, of course, hella avocados. Line the Dutch oven with foil, then place a small metal bowl upside down in the middle of the foil. After that, add 2-ish cups of wood chips over the foil (you don’t need to soak them first, FYI). Fire your stove up to medium-high heat and wait with anticipation unlike any you’ve experienced before. We are talking about smokedavocado, here. It’s a big deal.


At this point, the chips should be heating up, but it’ll take several minutes. You need a distraction. Now is the time to prep your avocados: halve them, pit them and peel them. You’ll want to slice/dice/smash the avocados depending on what you’re making (avocado toast! guac! whatever!), so you be the judge. Place said avocado in a metal bowl. Place metal bowl on top of other smaller metal bowl in the Dutch oven once the chips are smoking. Place lid on. Find something productive to do for no longer than five minutes (this is key — you don’t want to over-smoke your avocados).


Are you going to give this a try? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

(h/t Buzzfeed; photo via @alsplacesf)